Henry Wilson

Antisemitism Reveals Forces of Evil

Though the West’s disease of polarization has largely brought about paralysis to our governing institutions and family systems, the antisemitic propaganda born on our university campuses has metastasized to produce a twisted togetherness of both warped political extremes.

For millennia, power-hungry psychopaths have utilized antisemitism as a convenient and reliable vehicle to achieve authoritarian rule. When in doubt, an exceptionally successful and acclaimed Jewish minority comprising roughly 2.4% of the American population are prime candidates for the ire of a resentful 60% majority of hate crimes. An anger that has gone neglected by our plutocratic and petty politicians for decades has morphed from an ugly national underbelly of hatred to an international movement of Jew-haters.

It is no surprise that these envious extremes resent the Ukrainian Jewish leader Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s David-style crusade against the Goliath-sized invader of Putin’s Russia. Even more obvious is our conclusion that the global antisemitism movement has opened up the seventy-five-year-old wound that the Jews have oppressed the Palestinians when it has been their own terrorist leaders all along. Of course, growing majorities in communist China now buy into conspiratorial, pseudo-intellectual theories that Jews control the global capitalist system.

Our global enemies feed upon the apathy of our fellow inhabitants of free societies. They beg us to join their malevolent and misguided Marxist ranks. With our voices, 2023 does not have to become a repeat of 1933. As an American Jew and public servant, I will not cower before cowards. Where is your show of support for the Jewish people? Your silence is deafening. America has the power to convert our hope to heroism. I have faith that we can steer our ship of state away from the impending iceberg of ignorance that translates to true genocide, but it will take your brave voices to change course.

Stand with me today and fight antisemitism. Support the United States of America and the Jewish State of Israel. The forces of evil always win the first stages of public relations warfare for hearts and minds. Make no mistake: the human soul cannot hold onto their hatred for the long haul. The hand of Almighty God, and the providence of history, will disregard it as detrimental to our human story. Evil will not win as good has it outnumbered, outmatched, and outgunned. Stand on the side of light, hope, truth, & liberty.

About the Author
A political communications professional based in Washington, D.C. Henry Wilson is a proud American Jew & proponent of immediate mobilization against the forces of evil.
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