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Any talk of peace in Israel is doomed

As the body count continues to rise, Israel’s worst massacre in history is not horrific enough for Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). In her view a peaceful resolution is around the corner. AOC wrote in her post on X:

“Today is devastating for all those seeking a lasting peace and respect for human rights in Israel and Palestine. I condemn Hamas’ attack in the strongest possible terms. No child and family should ever endure this kind of violence and fear, and this violence will not solve the ongoing oppression and occupation in the region. An immediate ceasefire and de-escalation is urgently needed to save lives.”

AOC’s restrained language and tone to describe this 9/11 attack against Israel says a lot. This wasn’t a purposeful attempt by Hamas to annihilate as many Jews as possible; it was merely violence in order to instill fear. Violence and fear are a daily part of life for all Israeli Jews. This attack was a bit different and any hope for lasting peace is doomed. We know where AOC stands.

However, she is not alone in her vile comments as other Jew hating Squad members spoke up. Rep. Cori Bush (D-Missouri) first wrote her comment on October 7th when the body count of dead Israelis was 250. As of this writing, CBS News reports that more than 900 Israelis are dead.   It is also reported that at least 11 Americans have been killed.   Cori Bush had the gall to draw a moral equivalency between the murdered Israelis and the Palestinian terrorists who used civilians as shields by placing rocket launches in residential buildings and using residential areas for military headquarters. Here is what Bush wrote on X:

“I am heartbroken by the ongoing violence in Palestine and Israel, and I mourn the over 250 Israeli and 230 Palestinian lives that have been lost today, and the thousands injured, following attacks by Hamas militants on Israeli border towns and Israeli military bombardment of Gaza. I strongly condemn the targeting of civilians and I urge an immediate ceasefire and de-escalation to prevent further loss of life.”

Rep. Cori Bush believes there should be no retribution for the largest extermination of Jews since the Holocaust. Like AOC, this Jew hater wants a de-escalation and ceasefire, so that more Israelis can be killed. Of course, Bush would never say that, but she knows dead Jews would be the result. She followed up with this suggestion:

“As part of achieving a just and lasting peace, we must do our part to stop the violence and trauma by ending US government support for Israeli military occupation and apartheid.”

Squad member Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) parroted with calls for a ceasefire, because “such senseless violence will only repeat the back and forth cycle we’ve seen, which we cannot allow to continue.”

As Times of Israel blogger Bob Ryan wrote, there is no Palestine and there never was a Palestinian nation. The Arab terrorists are always the aggressors. If there were no Arab terrorists, there would be no terror.

There are some apologists for the Biden Administration’s release of the $6 billion dollars of frozen funds for Iran. They claim this action has nothing to do with the horrific attack in Israel, as these funds were earmarked specifically for Iranian “humanitarian purposes” such as food and medicine and not to support terror.

During questioning by Kristen Welker in a Meet the Press interview on Sunday, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken reluctantly admitted that her assessment that all Iranian funds are “fungible” is correct. Therefore, any Iranian funds could be allocated to terrorist activities.

Apologists for “Palestine” are willfully ignorant because the Gaza Strip has no real economy and is supported by Iran.   The release of the $6 billion is nothing more than an accounting entry so funds being used to support humanitarian causes in Iran can now be transferred to the terrorists in Gaza.   In addition, the Biden Administration lifted additional economic sanctions originally imposed on Iran, providing them additional funds to allocate for terrorist operations.   There is Israeli blood on their hands.

On Sunday, there was a march here in New York as pro-Palestinian fiends took to the streets at Times Square to celebrate the massacre of thousands of innocent Jews.   In addition to the dead, the hostages include Americans visiting or living in Israel.

South Carolina Republican Senator Tim Scott stated on X that it is time to wipe Hamas off the face of the map.   He’s right.

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