Apartheid Detectors and Double Standards

So maybe it is just me, but I cannot help but compare the past week’s events at the temple mount to the overall conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. There was a terror attack killing two Israeli policemen. In any other place in the world a proper reaction would be to install security measure to ensure that something of the sort would never happen again. In fact, I believe most people would be upset if changes were not made, And when metal detectors are installed, the Palestinians go crazy and call for a day of rage, only causing more of them to be killed.

How is the world not seeing through this? How ridiculous is it to get upset at metal detectors. It is part of daily life for all Israelis. You go shopping at the mall, metal detector, Go on a train, metal detector. Everywhere you go there are metal detectors. I honestly think that it was a mistake for Abbas and Hamas to get upset about this, because it shows them that they are unreasonable, something they are trying to hide from the world.

Similar to the security fence, which people commonly refer to as the Apartheid wall, something that is so necessary and that would be accepted anywhere else in the world, is termed to be detrimental to Israel. I am just waiting to hear what the metal detectors will be named.

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David Hoffman is from New York. He made aliyah in 2013 He has a B.A. in Government Diplomacy and Strategy with a specialization in Counter-Terrorism, Homeland Security and International Affairs. David is currently works in the PR department in a design consultancy firm
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