We are nearing the three week mark of Operation Protective Edge in Gaza, and there has been a lot of interest surrounding the biased views of the world media. It is well known that the major news networks are ratings junkies, and so their coverage of the news has to meet the dramatic standards that their zombie audiences have come to expect from their “balanced” sources. We may be angry and disappointed to see such biased coverage, but we are definitely not surprised. It is not the first time Israel is sucked into battle by terrorists and its not the first time that the world forgets who the enemy is. Its not the first time the UN blames Israel, and its not the first time the Palestinian community around the world abuses the western democratic system to demonstrate with violence and antisemitism. Its not the first time western powers forget what they did in their own wars while blaming Israel, and its not the first time the turkish government cries for human rights while they incarcerate “terrorist” journalists for daring to practice their freedom of speech. Sure, the countries of the world are phonies, but Israel, as always, will have to pay the price for defending itself. So I would like to send an unofficial apology to the world and to the media from us monsters here in Israel:

We’re sorry that we completely pulled out from Gaza in 2005 and that the independent Palestinians used their newfound freedom to “elect” a terrorist government that drove their economy to the ground, while using the billions of dollars of aid it received to enhance their terror capabilities.

We’re sorry that we provide humanitarian aid for the Palestinians and that Hamas takes the raw materials it is given to build rockets and bombs and networks of underground tunnels that cross over to Israel with the sole purpose of targeting innocent civilians.

We’re sorry for using our military budget to create a missile defense system that denies us the possibility of taking photogenic pictures of human bodies on our streets. We know how much you’d like to see the Israeli body count equalize that of the Palestinians.

We’re sorry that we give Palestinians that harbor terrorism ample amounts of time to leave their homes, hospitals, schools, and mosques, that double as warehouses for weapons, while providing them with safe exit paths that won’t be bombed. We’re sorry that Palestinians either choose, or are forced to stay and guard their terrorist invaders, while we call back our fighter jets so as to not kill the innocent.

We’re sorry that the Hamas kill their own people. That is probably our fault too.

We’re sorry that Palestinians all around the world demonstrate with violence and criminal activities such as the burning of synagogues, and that these acts are countered with peaceful pro-Israel demonstrations.

We’re sorry we are unwilling to roll over and die. Israel truly apologizes for fulfilling its one true duty of preventing a second holocaust for the Jews. We understand that it is very convenient for you to sit in your news studios and provide ignorant sideline commentary about a subject you know nothing about, while giving momentum to the hatred of the uneducated.

But most of all, we’re sorry that you’re naive enough to fall for the dirty tricks of terrorist propaganda. You give an open mic to Hamas spokesmen who spew out their filth and lies on the international stage, and you don’t dare to question them when they say ridiculous things such as “Hamas doesn’t target civilians”. Hamas is capable of getting away with their actions by brainwashing and misleading the citizens of Gaza, and the world media is now their amplifier to the rest of the world.

So next time you see your local news anchor singing to the tune of the Hamas opportunistic propaganda machine, remember that we truly are sorry for existing and causing you this massive inconvenience. While you sit back and talk about spreading freedom and fighting terrorism, we hope you excuse us as we actually go out and do it.

About the Author
Eitan Lukin is an American-Israeli who enjoys thinking about things. He served in the IDF from 2009-2012 in the Armored Corps and is studying electrical engineering at the Technion in Israel.
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