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Apple’s $2 trillion means opportunity for Israel

Image credit: Goldfish Marketing Inc.

Israeli startups and hi-tech members are rejoicing over Apple’s newly reached record market cap of $2 trillion. The technology and goods company that has led the industry for more than a decade has proven itself as a winner amidst the challenges of 2020’s first and second quarters.

Posting modest year-over-year revenue gains of 11%, Apple advanced nearly 60% in share value in 2020. More impressively yet, Apple’s earnings-per-share increased 18% in the same quarter, pairing fantastically with the company’s liquid assets situation.

Israeli investors have seen excellent returns on investments in tech stocks over the past quarter as companies providing SaaS and virtual/digital solutions have amassed enormous equity values. The rule that “cash must go somewhere” has been a source of this swelling, matched with the provision of real value during a shifting economy.

The proof of this explosion in tech-stock values can be seen on the Nasdaq Composite, which has set all-time highs this year reaching more than 11,000 points in recent days. Israeli investors who find themselves positioned in these markets are benefiting from this diversification as they hedge against potential local-losses on real estate, tourism, and brick and mortar businesses.

In my recent article, What made Israel the startup nation, I made note of Apple’s participation in acquiring Israeli startups. Even more so, we see the likes of Google, Facebook, Amazon, Intel, Microsoft, Palo Alto Networks Inc., Medtronic PLC, and Salesforce circling the waters of Israel’s hi-tech markets for buyout opportunities.

With Apple reaching new heights, this can only mean opportunity for Israeli startups looking to exit. Cash-fat companies like Apple are feeling the confidence and market presence to take risks and make acquisitions.

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