Arabs against Terror

Yesterday there was a demonstration by a small handful of brave Israeli Arabs against the terror done in their name.

A wave of terror that was started, by Palestinians’ own admission for religious reasons. The slogan “Al Aqsa is in danger” a lie that made young decently well off Palestinians go out and try to murder as many Jews as possible.

On the afternoon of 22 May 2013 a British Soldier Lee Rigby was run down with a car in the streets of London. Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale then stepped out of the car with knives and a cleaver and hacked him to death.

They said that they had killed the soldier to avenge Muslim deaths by British soldiers. I think few people would argue that the two converts to Islam from Nigeria, had any justification to commit the crimes that they committed, although tens of thousands of Muslims have died as a direct or indirect result of British policies over the years.

Now imagine that happening every day for the last three weeks sometimes three four times a day, and you can start to realize what is going on in Israel this last month.

One noticeable difference is that in Britain it took armed police 9 minutes to arrive on the scene. The attackers had made their statement and were waiting for the police to arrive, no one else was injured. In Israel the attackers are not satisfied with making one statement. They will look to harm as many people as possible on their killing sprees. The only thing that has reduced the number of deaths is the fact that Israel is an armed society.

In the demonstration, the posters read” I am Muslim but I do not have another home” and “we’re against violence and those who support violence don’t represent me, even if he’s a Member of Knesset!”

They were few, I was told that many more had promised to come, but in the last minutes got cold feet. No one can blame them.
Israeli Arab politicians are riding the waves of violence, garnering the extreme votes while convincing the Israeli public again that Israeli Arabs are a fifth column. Distancing themselves from the ones trying to integrate, who want to live side by side.

These brave Don Quixotes lead by Anett Haskia, a Muslim Israeli Arab are trying to show the other side, the quiet side, the one that will be ostracized by their own communities for putting an Israeli flag and not a Palestinian one in their window.

Some will receive death threats like Lucy Aharish the Israeli Arab television host. Or Mira Awad the singer who represented Israel in the Euro vision song contest with a song that was in itself a message for peace. They will be called pet Arabs, or vilified even by the Israeli left.
Israeli Arabs are inevitably stuck in the middle in this conflict.

The main goal of the demonstration was to distance themselves from the violence and the violent. In the foreign media much time is used explaining the recent surge of violence. Most fail to do it justice.

Like the west with its celebrities Kardashians, the incitement that has been brewing in the Middle East has created a reality, where the knife has become a Rockstar.
Look closely at Isis’s recruitment videos and see how the knife is brandished as a sign of devotion. Jihad is a fad, and martyrdom, dying for Al Aqsa is in.

The killers get Facebook fan pages with hundreds of likes to follow them into paradise. Many of the people who went out to kill Israelis were not poor and oppressed like many media outlets would have you believe.
They were young middle class, some the children of successful business people. Brainwashed by incitement, not victims of the national struggle between the two people

By contrast Anett Haskia’s has two sons serving in the Israeli army. In itself a rare thing amongst the Arab Muslim population of Israel that makes up around 20% of the population. The demonstrators wrapped themselves in Israeli flags, preached non violence and showed that there is another voice in this community.
They were few but passionate.

In the end ironically a scuffle did ensue, not with fellow Arabs but with leftist Israeli Jews, yelling at them that they were fascists for supporting the Occupying power. Betrayed that they had chosen the Israel side.


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Amiram Eini is a multimedia artist. He is featured with his music widely and is performing and exhibiting internationally.
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