Are Hamas Nazis?

No. Let us move stepwise.

To start with, two solid facts from the brief history of Hamas must be always remembered and reminded to those who forgot these facts and to those who pretend to forget them. First, Hamas was established by the security forces of the state of Israel. This was done as part of the Western doctrine and ideology that opposes all secular or semi-secular military or political organizations in the Arab world. The main objective of Hamas establishment was to weaken the PLO, prior to Oslo agreements. The same strategy underlines behind the establishment of the Islamic Movement in Umm Al-Fahm and the Arab society in Israel, aiming to weaken DFPE (Hadash). This very same ideology established the Muslim Brotherhood by the British in Egypt, Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and ISIS in Iraq, by the USA.

Second, Hamas is a terroristic movement, exactly like ISIS and Al-Qaeda, and their terror is not directed only against Israel, but also against their own people. But the major characteristic of Hamas as a terroristic organization is targeting and killing civilians, which is typical behavior of all terroristic organizations.

The comparison and the link between Hamas and ISIS in Western media are logical and accurate, on both theoretical and practical levels. Both terror organizations are based on extreme Islamic ideology, that considers all humans that do not comply with this ideology as enemies and hence, potential targets of their attacks. Hamas, ISIS, Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, etc., view all non-Muslim nations as enemies, “disbelievers nation is one”. Practically, these terror organizations humiliate women in varying degrees, oppress minorities and exterminate LBGTQs and impose strict Islamic law (Shree’ah) regimes.

Hamas considers ISIS a partner and an ally. To demonstrate this statement, we must remember that Syria and Assad regime were the most sheltering and defending Palestinian refugees in general, and Hamas leaders after being expelled by Israel in 1989. But when ISIS almost swiped Syria in 2014-5, Hamas in Yarmouk refugee camp near Damascus joined ISIS terrorists against the Syrian army. No wonder Assad is not supporting Hamas in the present war. He knows better than everyone, that terror organizations like Hamas can never be trusted.

The comparison between Hamas and the Nazis on one hand, and what happened on October 7th, 2023 and the Holocaust on the other hand, is inaccurate and misleading. Moreover, in my humble opinion the huge difference of the massacres magnitude, makes this comparison injustice towards the Holocaust victims. Another major difference between Hamas and Nazis is the fact that Nazis considered some ethnic groups and nations (Jews, Arabs and others) inferior and should be executed. Hamas top objective is to exterminate all non-Islamic nations. Nazis ideology of racism is genetic and that of Hamas is religious, and as far my understanding reaches, they are equally catastrophic.

Hamas is a bloodthirsty terror organization that killed Arabs and Muslims on October 7th attack. The fact that paramedic Awad Darawshe was an Arab and a Muslim did not save him, and he was brutally murdered by Hamas terrorists. Recordings prove that other Arab/Muslim victims spoke with Hamas terrorists in Arabic and even recited verses from the Quran, but this also was not enough to restore their lives. What Hamas is really looking for is blood, beheaded infants and raped women. If an Arab/Muslim is found on the way to achieve these goals, he will also be killed.

More than 10000 Palestinians were killed so far by the Israeli army since the beginning of the present war. Hundreds of thousands were forced by the Israeli army to leave their homes and become refugees again, in dreadful reminder of 1948 Nakba. It is first and above all Hamas responsibility, but it is also Hamas interest. The more misery and poverty among Palestinians in Gaza, the Hamas stronghold will continue. But it is also Israel’s and the international community responsibilities. These must find descent relief for these victims of Hamas.

The dilemma is almost irresolvable. As long as Hamas rules in Gaza, the terror against Gazans will continue and all human aid will be confiscated by this terror organization, and its leaders will become wealthier. With the Hamas in power, there will never be an efficient mechanism to transfer human aid to the people who really need it: people of Gaza, the poor people of Gaza. So it is a top Palestinian interest to exterminate Hamas, especially the leaders and the top activists.

In conclusion, Hamas are not Nazis. They are worse.

About the Author
Dr Abed L. Azab was born and lives now with his family in A’ra, Israel. He completed his PhD in Medicinal Chemistry in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He is an educator, teacher, social activist and column writer.
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