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Are hedgehogs in danger?

This morning, Saturday 3rd November, I turned on the BBC TV news. The first item I saw was about hedgehogs and the existential threats they face this time of year. You see, on November 5th we British commemorate the 1605 failed attempt by Guy Fawkes and some fellow terrorists to blow up the Houses of Parliament with the King in residence. To celebrate the delivery of the King from almost certain death, we build bonfires and burn them while letting off fireworks. The interviewee on the BBC told us that hedgehogs find the dry bonfires, some of which are massive and take months to build, very comfortable and warm. They burrow deep into them, effectively creating tunnels, where they store everything they need such as food, insulation etc. Along come the wicked British and set fire to the bonfires, thus barbequing the hedgehogs. Don’t get me wrong. I like hedgehogs.

The second item I saw on the news was the latest in what has become an almost daily series on the wicked Israelis. Barbaric Israel bombed a long line of Palestinian ambulances parked outside the Al-Shifa hospital and slaughtered and injured countless civilians. The reporter went on “We know they killed women and children because we can see the bodies”. Another BBC reporter, Chakrabarti, then conducted a mobile phone interview (sound only) with a woman who was giving graphic descriptions of what she could see all around her. Good anti-Israel stuff so it was broadcast. On screen throughout, Chakrabarti was scribbling down her notes. We never saw the woman or where she was.

Hours later Red Crescent confirmed only 15 dead at the hospital and only one ambulance hit. This was repeated by Al Jazeera. Not quite the toll one might expect from an air attack on a long line of ambulances in the forecourt of a busy hospital, but these figures were not supplied by the Gaza Ministry of Health (sic). For ‘Gaza’ read ‘Hamas’. By the way, Mr Gutierrez of UN (utter nonsense) fame, whose eyesight is second to none, apparently saw a convoy of shot up ambulances and countless bodies strewn all around, on his TV. Mr Gutierrez, I used to have your problem, but I changed my optician.

The BBC neglected to mention that as in this case, Hamas has in the past been caught out using ambulances to transport significant members of Hamas away from hot-spots. The BBC also failed to mention that Hamas has been caught red handed using one of the ‘aid’ trucks sent into Gaza earlier in the week to transport compressed oxygen to their terrorist tunnels in containers that cannot be used for any other purpose, including by hospitals.

We live in confusing times. There is so much that is wrong, ignored, twisted or unsaid by the BBC that I’m now seriously questioning the truth about other news items they broadcast. Actually, I’m told I need not be worry. The BBC makes a point of always telling us their sources on important things. Like hedgehogs.

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Julian Sorsby was born in London three months before the rebirth of the State of Israel. He is a lifelong Zionist, a student of Jewish history and an advocate of human rights.
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