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Are Universities Breeding Antisemitism?

In a disgusting display of blatant antisemitism, the faculty at Columbia University penned a letter which justified a prior “Student Statement.” The Student Statement placed the blame for the current Israel/Hamas war, not on Hamas, but rather on Israel, which it held responsible for the savage massacre of 1,400 Jews including women, children and babies – entire families, who were brutally tortured, raped, beheaded and burned before they were slaughtered by Hamas terrorists on October 7th. The Columbia University Student Statement referred to the “events” of that day as a “military action,” rather than as the brutal blood lust that it actually was. In other words, it put the blame for the savage murders, not on the savage murderers but squarely on the victims.

The Columbia University Student Statement expressed dismay that Columbia “favored” the death and suffering of Jews over the death and suffering of Palestinians. Is it unfair that the death of Jews killed in Auschwitz would dismay more Americans than the death of the Nazis who killed them?

Nothing about October 7th or its aftermath is normal. It was not Israel which started this war. It was Israel which was brutally attacked. Israelis are expected to accept and even normalize a constant barrage of rockets as part of their lives. Living with rockets routinely fired into your cities is not normal. Expecting Israel to defend itself somewhat – but not too much, to retaliate briefly while being ever so careful not to inflict Palestinian casualties, and then to acquiesce to a cease fire after Hamas brutalized and killed defenseless women, children, and babies, is not normal.

The faculty of Columbia’s defense of its Hamas supporting students highlights the depravity and complete perversion of morality which is apparently acceptable and justified at Columbia University. There can be no equivocation. Condemning Israel, rather than Hamas, for the vicious crimes against humanity committed by Hamas is a a moral outrage. Calling for a ceasefire would enable Hamas to breathe new life into its terror tunnels and allow evil to triumph. That would be a crime against humanity.

The distinction between Good and Evil is not something that can be debated. The brutal murder of 1400 Israelis in cold blood simply out of a desire to kill as many Jews as possible is evil. It is not something that can be explained or justified. The attempt to do so puts you in pretty close proximity to the evil perpetrators.

Faculty members of formerly prestigious universities who promote false, libelous narratives, are intentionally indoctrinating their students in the celebration of hate and antisemitism. There is no genocide of Palestinians in Israel. There is no apartheid in Israel. Arab Israelis work in all segments of society, in hospitals, in the police department, as judges, as politicians, serving in the Knesset, and even serving in the army. Stop spreading apartheid lies!

The burgeoning Arab population in Israel belies the blood libel of a genocide being perpetrated by Israel against Palestinians. Genocide tends to decrease, not increase the targeted population. In addition, if one’s intended goal is to commit genocide, prior warnings are not sent out asking civilians to evacuate the area to avoid being in harm’s way. Israel issues such warnings when attempting to root out murderous terrorists hiding among civilians just as it has warned Palestinian civilians to evacuate Gaza ahead of the ground invasion targeting Hamas terrorists.

It’s time for us to root out terrorists among us as well. Students and faculty members alike who profess to support Hamas, who deny that Hamas is a terrorist organization, should be rooted out of our schools and universities. Members of Congress who support Hamas and promote antisemitism should be removed from our government. Jewish students in our schools and universities deserve to feel safe and protected. US citizens deserve to live without fear of insurgents who applaud the death of Jews and refuse to call Hamas a terrorist group. If a group that beheads and burns babies is not a terrorist group what is?

The UN Secretary-General asserted that the savage massacre by Hamas of 1,400 Jews in Israel, “did not occur in a vacuum,” I would agree with Guterres. It occurred because Jew hatred has been allowed to spread unfettered and unpunished. It occurred because the UN is obsessed with anti Israel resolutions. It occurred because antisemitism has been mainstreamed with UN support, with the compliance of universities across America, and in ugly demonstrations supporting monstrous evil without an ounce of shame.

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