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Are you a Purim scrooge?

A quiz to discover your inner Purim spirit, as you prepare (or don't) for the holiday

Purim Quiz: What Kind Of Purim Are You? 

Purim is meant to be the holiday of joy and laughter, but not everybody enjoys it in the same way. Are you a Purim scrooge, inwardly snappin” at people who ask you what your costume choices are and wishing you could spend it free of noise, mess and sugar? Or are you a spirit of Purim joy, throwing yourself into the preparations before anyone can say “hamentashen”? Or something in between? Try this fun quiz to discover your inner Purim spirit.

What do you give for mishloach manot (food gift)?

  1. A themed package of home-made goodies that is different each year, complements your family’s choice of costume, and is complete with rhyme explaining what your choice of items has to do with Purim
  2. A pre-packaged store-bought mishloach manot package
  3. Two different foods
  4. Something unopened from the back of your cupboard

To whom do you give mishloach manot?

  1. Your friends, family, kids’ teachers and former teachers, communal figures, and neighbors.
  2. Your friends, plus anyone you happen to run into on the way.
  3. One person, according to the requirements of Jewish law.
  4. Whoever you see first.

What are the first words that come to mind when you think of Purim?

  1. Costumes
  2. Alcohol
  3. Salvation
  4. Chaos

Which character from the Purim story do you most identify with?

  1. Esther, she’s our heroine!
  2. King Achashverosh, he went to loads of parties!
  3. Mordechai, he saved the Jewish nation
  4. Vashti, she refused to come to the party.

What do you most enjoy on Purim?

  1. Seeing all my friends and family in costume
  2. The food and drink
  3. Giving money to the poor
  4. Getting home and shutting the door.

What is your ideal Purim?

  1. Delivering mishloach manot to all your friends before serving a multi-course festive meal
  2. Drinking with friends
  3. Going to hear the megilla, giving mishloach manot, and then giving money to the poor.
  4. Hearing the megilla at a quiet reading, then enjoying a quiet meal with your family.

Who are you most likely to dress up as on Purim?

  1. Someone that matches my family’s theme this year
  2. A punk
  3. A chassid
  4. No one, now stop asking me

What is your favorite Purim drink?

  1. Advocaat
  2. Whatever’s going
  3. Wine
  4. Whisky, to drown out the noise

What is your favorite hamentashen filling?

  1. White chocolate halvah with raspberry swirl and multi-colored dough
  2. Anything chocolate
  3. Poppyseed
  4. I don’t like hamentashen

Answers to the Purim quiz:

If you answered mostly #1, you are the spirit of Purim present. You have enough joy and celebration for your whole neighborhood and get every last ounce out of the one-day holiday. Your only risk is that you put so much effort into planning Purim, you forget to enjoy it.

If you answered mostly #2, you’re a pretty laid-back Purim celebrant. Just be careful that you don’t forget the message of Purim in your enthusiasm over the joy and the drinking.

If you answered mostly #3, you enjoy Purim cautiously and according to the laws of the day. You never lose sight of the day’s message of Divine help. Take care that you don’t forget to enjoy the day as well as fulfilling its requirements.

If you answered mostly #4, you already know that Purim isn’t your favorite Jewish holiday, and you find it rather irritating that it is for so many other people. Try to find ways to avoid being annoyed by other people’s Purim celebrations.

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