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Are you, like me, a Photo Challenged Tourist?

I consider myself to be an average, photo challenged tourist.

I walk around seeing the sites, ready to whip out my trusty iPhone (or Android) to snap a photo.There are some shots I just have to take, especially selfies! In the past, I walked around with a real point and shoot (automatic) camera. Both the professionals and the amateurs amongst us want to return home with our own picture postcards. Some of us want to be able to post our photos to the web immediately, while others wait until they get home.Whichever instrument you use to take photos, we all run into the same challenge. Where is the best place to take the best photos?

As I walked around Jerusalem today, I was faced with this challenge. I walked along the area known as the “Tayelet”. The “Tayelet” is made up of three promenades, named for their benefactors. The Haas Promenade, the Goldman Promenade, and the Sherover Promenade. The city of Jerusalem developed these promenades with walkways and lookout points that offer stunning views of the city of Jerusalem.These walkways and viewpoints capture the beauty and serenity of the city.The Haas Promenade is the most popular and accessible of the three. Its a great place for a picture. In fact, many of the famous Jerusalem shots were taken from the Haas Promenade.

Herein lies the challenge. Today, the Haas Promenade is congested! In front of this promenade, the city has developed the area with beautiful tall cypress trees, olive trees, green grass as well as above ground utility wires! The cypress trees block the view, and the utility wires ruin it! There are a few areas along the promenade with an unobstructed view, where everyone wants to take a picture or have their picture taken,”selfie-style”. Every tour bus drops off its group here, and they all head to the same spot. There are times where it can be so crowded, that you have to use your elbows to secure a spot to take your photo.

What’s a tourist to do??

Time to move out of your comfort zone. It’s easy to just follow the crowd and snap the same pictures as everyone else. Instead, why not move away from the group? Step away and look for another picture perfect spot.

Here’s what I did. Just down the road is another promenade, the Goldman Promenade. This promenade takes you along the east side of the UN compound, along the ridge. There are some beautiful walkways along this promenade, with unobstructed viewpoints. And guess what. Most tour groups do not go there! No need to fight the crowds. I was able to spend the next hour on my own choosing the best spots for my photos.

The average tourist probably does not get to the Goldman Promenade. They may not even know of its existence.That’s why it pays to tour with a private licensed tour guide, like myself. My colleagues and I have explored many of these sites, viewpoints, etc to find the best ones that will be right for you. We know where to go to get you that great shot. Just be sure to leave enough time to escape the crowds and be prepared for a fantastic and rewarding experience!

Next time you visit Israel, tour with me and I will show you my best picture perfect spots! Be sure to bring your wide angle and zoom lens and your selfie-stick.

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