Arizona Artist Brings Southwest Flair to Haifa’s ‘Bordel’

Haifa artist Claire Weisberg recently debuted her first art exhibition in one of Haifa’s funkiest dive bars.

The Bordel, as it is called, is a haven for up-and-coming artists. The space itself is small, with a dance floor, a bar and an outside area accompanied by the sound of pumping electronic music, cheap booze and a vibrant crowd of Middle Eastern hipsters.

The exhibition is wittily named ‘Dotz for Dayz’ by Weisberg, who herself, focuses on an artistic style called pointillism. This is an artistic technique where artists use small dots to create images.

Dotz for Dayz is comprised of 23 framed pieces and temporary murals outside. You can even find Weisberg at the Bordel most weekends, selling stickers, prints, posters, hand-painted boxes, figurines and discussing her art.

“This is my first exhibit, so I really wanted a space that allows full creative control and feels welcoming, and the Bordel was perfect for that. I also had the opportunity to organize live music for the exhibit opening. It was wonderful connecting the Haifa music scene that I’ve followed for years,” Weisberg said.

Creating a showcase of this size is certainly not a simple feat, and Weisberg says she began the process in October 2017, painting some 12 hours each day.

Weisberg spent the majority of her life in Arizona, and her Southwest roots are apparent in her artwork. As a result, her art consists of desert themes, skulls, scorpions, flowers and gold.

The dots are a different story.

The dots actually come from multiple sources. However, my primary influence was the Navajo sand paintings on the walls of my childhood home in Arizona. Like Pointillism, the individual pieces of sand form a complete image from afar. I used to stare at these iconic art pieces for hours as a kid.

My favorite part of Bordel is definitely the wall art outside. The murals rotate with the current exhibit and give the exhibiting artist the opportunity to extend their vision beyond the framed pieces inside.

Virgin Slut by Claire Weisberg


You’ll soon be able to purchase her work online, no matter where you are in the world. For now, you can follow Claire Weisberg on Instagram to see her latest creations.

You can also see Claire’s artwork in person through the end of the month at The Bordel.

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