As a self-defense instructor, I think ‘The Price of Truth’ is a must read

My profession and my passion is in teaching and learning martial arts. This has also developed into self defense instruction. Throughout my years on this field, I have become aware of too many cases of sexual abuse. The most heartbreaking when a child is the victim. As a mother I believe must work to educate and protect our children.  We must not be silent!

I was privileged to read a manuscript for the  book the “Price of Truth” set to be released this month. A book written by a woman who is will not be silent. Who is brave enough to share her harrowing story with the world.

The true story of a girl who was abused in the worse possible way. Taken advantaged of by those who were closest to her, meant to care for and protect her. When she tried to speak out, her family her community would not listen. Her teachers did not see her acting out as a cry for help.  Yet it a story of bravery and triumph. A women who refuses to be broken, refuses to be silent. Not just for her own sake, but for others who do not yet have a voice. Refusing to act as if nothing had happened she loses her family and risks her sanity. Yet she comes through. The authors puts the pieces of her soul together to become a whole person, a stronger person, a wife, a mother, and a teacher. She shares her story, refusing to be silenced.  This inspiring woman writes how through stories she teaches her children and young students that they too can and should speak up.”

I highly reccomend this heartbreaking and courageous tale. As an Orthodox woman, I wish that our community filled with mitzvot, Torah, prayer and kindness was free of sexual misconduct and child abuse. Sadly we too are not immune. There may be those who wish to hide their head in the sand (They are welcome to visit me. There is plenty of sand here in Dimona and I’m pretty sure its not even radioactive.) Anyone who reads this book will realize that this problem exists. As parents, grandparents, relatives, teachers, neighbors and friends let us use a story like this to motivate us to watch out for the children in our communities. We must believe and support victims. We must teach children how to defend themselves and give them the confidence to do so.

As I read the book I kept thinking “how could it be that not a single person who interactes with the author saw that she was in trouble? Why did nobody come to her aid?” Perhaps the bystander effect? Or maybe they were just too busy to notice? What was happening to her so heinous that noone could bear to see?”

Listen to the stories of victims so that if someone you know needs help you won’t miss the signs. I am so passionate about teaching self defense classes because it can be part of the solution. Empowering people, especially those who are most vulnerable to be able defend themselves and others – whether it be a physical defense or a verbal one.

I have been involved in the martial arts for approximately 25 years and have seen it change lives. After completing a course one young woman had been robbed at knife point said that now she was no longer afraid to leave her home. A special needs student of mine said that because of learning martial arts he is no longer afraid to travel out of the city.

Knowing the truth even when it is unpleasant and then learning how to handle that truth and protect yourself and those around is the only way counter the darkness in this world.

About the Author
I grew up in Stony Brook, NY. I am now living with my husband and children in Dimona, Israel. I have a 3rd degree blackbelt in Jiu-Jitsu and teach martial arts and self-defense classes.
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