As an American Jew I feel safer with Biden

In her recent Newsweek column, later disseminated on many other sites, far-right Israeli political commentator Caroline Glick does not waste any time imitating warning American Jews that we are now in danger from a Biden administration. In the second paragraph she observes that “American democracy is in crisis.” Why? Because “the media have demonized President Donald Trump.” In a plot right out of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, it was all plot to “demonize President Donald Trump and his supporters.” Big Tech and “all major U.S. television networks and national newspapers” worked unrelentingly with the sole aim to “overturn the results of the 2016 election.”

Glick argues that the media has conspired to bring down President Donald Trump with litanies of falsehoods about him and his policies. In search of truth, his supporters are forced to turn to conspiracy theorists who also happen to promulgate antisemitic vitriol. Therefore, according to Glick’s convoluted logic, Big Tech and the media are responsible for Americans becoming “convinced that Jews are responsible for everything that is wrong in America.”

According to Glick, I am now less safe under President-elect Joe Biden. You read that right. Absent from her observations are Trump’s endless lies and his description of white supremacists and Nazi sympathizers screaming “Jews will not replace us” as “fine people.” Trump has made it clear he has no problem with white supremacists and extremists, provided they support him. After all, in the first presidential debate he told them to “stand by” for mayhem I can only imagine with dread. Now he is intimating that George Soros is to blame for a “stolen” election via “rigged voting machines.”

I survived the Trump years but felt threatened the entire time by the abrogation of truth and reality. History as I studied it shows that what grows in the shadows and thrives in the fog of lies is always dangerous. Glick is correct that Jews suffer in such atmosphere. But she fails to recognize that President Trump is primarily responsible. And Trump’s followers are cult fanatics ready to do his bidding. This includes many on Fox News (notwithstanding their admitting Trump’s defeat in the 2020 election), which Glick seemed to forget in her diatribe against media corporations.

By sucking out the oxygen of truth, Trump and the Republican establishment let the noxious gases of hate fill the political biosphere. As the cliché goes, “everyone is entitled to their own opinions but not their own facts,” so Caroline is entitled to hers. Here, however, is where she ventures into the biggest of lies.

Glick surmises that the murderer behind the slaughter in the Pittsburgh synagogue was motivated by “conspiracy theories on the Internet” that media corporations and Big Tech coerced him into absorbing. This is an absurd and dangerous argument. It ignores the massive groundwork for right-wing violence that Trump laid. Somehow, Glick turned the killer into a victim of left-wingers trying to bring down Trump. She ignores hundreds of Trump rallies where he was the one demonizing the media and told his followers it is “the enemy of the people.” Where have you heard that before?

She did have a hard task, I grant you. We never had a European-style synagogue attack before. And it happened on Trump’s watch, so Glick had to twist herself into a pretzel in to cover for him.

I know he moved the embassy to Jerusalem. I know he endorsed and enhanced the settlers’ hold on Judea and Samaria, marginalized the Palestinians, and kissed Netanyahu’s feet. I know he and his son-in-law Jared Kushner helped trade the United Arab Emirates’ normalization of relations with Israel for the delivery of a batch of F-35s. You can celebrate those accomplishments if you want, but to cross the ocean of both geography and logic and tell American Jews that they are less safe under Biden and the Democrats only adds to my fears that the truth is in short supply among Sheldon Adelson’s minions. Perhaps she did not get the latest memo that even he may have had enough of Trump’s denial of reality.

Those that have enough time on their hands to think and write about politics and Jewish life have a special obligation to present orderly truths and to not inflame the reader with lurid tales about threats to Jews that do not exist. Doing so not only confuses the mind but desensitizes the intellect to real threats. Telling me that Biden is the real danger does both. Glick should not only know better but has an obligation not to continue the venomous lies Trump and his allies have spawn.

Her obsession with critical race theory as responsible for breeding violent anti-Semitism is wildly incorrect. Her sad claim that Black Lives Matter looters are “targeting” Jewish houses of worship and businesses has been debunked by no less than the Anti-Defamation League. I live in downtown Manhattan, a supposed epicenter of the riots. There were no instances of anything Jewish being targeted. Sadly, every store was equally trashed.

No, Caroline, Trump and his cabal of racist ultranationalists did not make me or America’s Jews safer. The murdered Jews in Pittsburgh deserve better. I know Biden will honor their memory and work to protect the rest of us from hate and those who turn reality on its head, wherever and whoever they are.

About the Author
Jonathan Russo has been observing Israel and its policies since he first visited in 1966. He is a businessman in New York City.
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