Attack Obama’s anti-Semitism

There is a big case to be made of Barack Obama not passing the test for his elaborate scheme to hide his anti-Semitism.

There is a big case to be made to highlight all the incidents the past seven years that clearly demonstrate Obama’s anti-Semitism.

There is a big case to be made that our patience has run out and that it is time to attack Obama’s record on anti-Semitism.

Look at the facts.

  1. Install Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Enemy of Israel.
  2. Green Movement rises in 2009. Obama ignores it. Mullahs are dangerous to Israel, not so if the Green Movement ascends to power.
  3. Syrian Uprising in 2011. Obama ignores it. Assad is dangerous to Israel, not so if the Free Syrian Army ascends to power.
  4. Hamas attacks Israel. Obama wants the terrorists as equals negotiating a truth with Israel. Obama thinks Muslim Brotherhood Hamas deserves better treatment, not condemnation for their missile terror attacks.
  5. Netanyahu visits the White House. Obama makes him sit in the hallway.
  6. Iran threatens Israel with annihilation. Obama goes out of his way to please Iran.
  7. Boehner invites Netanyahu to speak. Obama threatens Netanyahu with a “Price to pay”.

If the facts listed above are not enough to conclude that Barack Obama is an anti-Semite, then we are as dumb as he thinks we are.

Every major newspaper, every important reporter, every investigative journalist, and every shrewd analyst who support U.S. interests abroad should begin to denounce Obama’s anti-Semitism. The man is a paper tiger who lost the mid-term elections. Fearing him is our shame.

Attack him for his unwarranted attacks against our allies aimed to please our enemies.

Attack Obama’s anti-Semitism until he sits in the corner and asks for forgiveness.

Attack Obama’s anti-Semitism until he realizes he lost the mid-term elections.

Attack Obama’s anti-Semitism until he can no longer attack others simply for being pro-US or pro-Israel.

Attack Obama’s anti-Semitism for his support of the Iranian and the Assad regimes of terror.

Barack Obama lost the mid-term elections big time; yet, we permit him to act as if we are living in November 2008.

We need to be relentless by reminding him that he lost.

We need to be relentless by reminding him that his anti-Semitism will not be forgiven nor forgotten.

Now is the time or else he will destroy U.S. Interests and destroy us all along the way.

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