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Attacking American History

When history of any kind is attacked, it is often done through a distorted view of modern times. When it comes to American history, the slant takes on a greater focus to the point of becoming outright lies. The only country lied about more through historical attacks is Israel.

Most who write about history tend to fail to capture whatever moment in time they wish to write about. They are unable to separate themselves from what they write. They tend to treat it; not as if they were born during that time, but if they were suddenly transported back to that moment. Unless the removal of self can be achieved, no attack can be based on the reality of the various moments that have shaped the world.

One of the lies talked about America’s history is during the time of Columbus when the people supposedly believed the Earth was flat. If sailors went too far, they’d fall off the edge of the world. By the time Columbus comes on the scene, just about everyone knew the Earth to be round. Sailors had gone past the horizon and returned safely home without coming across any edge. There was no disagreement about shape, but there was about the size; of which Columbus underestimated drastically.

Upon discovery for Spain, the Spanish, Portuguese and French set out to conquer and enslave. Vast amounts of wealth were taken back to Europe as African slaves were brought to the Americas. They were warriors and priests sent to expand their empires through whatever means they wished.

The English were about a century behind the Spanish when they decided to send ships. One of the lies is that they viewed conquest in a similar fashion as Spain. The English could not compete with the other powers through the same means, which is why the clever plan of colonization was introduced, something no one else had done. By sending English families, it was a direct extension of England.

What English colonization led to was a mass exodus of Jews and gentiles to the New World. Those fleeing for religious freedoms, including the Jews, were not heading anywhere taken by France, Spain or Portugal. The exodus was not limited to British subjects, but from throughout Europe. An exodus that saved countless lives from religious persecution which is ignored by those who wish to attack America’s history. Not all European nations were the same, including what was considered lawful religions.

The Spanish, French and Portuguese brought African slaves with them. There were none in the early days of English colonization. Indentured servants, who had a short life expectancy were there, since English Common Law allowed for it. There was nothing in English Common Law to allow for slavery without first going through the courts. Servants who ran away, rather than sue their employers, could be sentenced to life as a servant.

Virginia was the first successful colony for the English, which happened in 1607. There were serious problems that occurred, so much so that Martial Law was declared on a few different occasions. It would be over a decade before any African was brought to Virginia, which was the first time many of the English had seen any Africans.

In 1618, London instructed the Virginia governor to create a representative body, which new Governor Sir George Yeardly instituted the following year. Between August 2 – 4, 70 laws were written without a single one allowing for slavery. The lie is that this was the year slavery came to Jamestown. Even if they wanted slavery of Africans or anyone else, nothing in English Common Law allowed for it, which they were all bound under. More importantly was none of the 70 laws included slavery.

One of two English privateers who took on a Portuguese vessel with slaves from Angola and won, arrived on August 20, which was after the laws had been written. The White Lion had over 20 Angolans on board when it arrived at Jamestown to sell the slaves.

Blatant liars claim this was the moment slavery started for the English colonies. Not a single Angolan was held as a slave. They were taken as indentured servants, which the law allowed. Two Angolans, Antonio and Isabella, became indentured to Captain Tucker, and had the first African child, William Tucker, born in the English colonies in 1624. He was born, under the laws, as a freeman.

It would not be until decades later that slavery would be codified in any English colony.

Going to an important part of history, after the U. S. Constitution was ratified with the Bill of Rights. Much fuss has been made by people with modern bias about who was excluded as if the exclusions mean it has not merit at all.

Put yourselves in that time and place. Remove the modern bias. Ask yourselves if there was anything extraordinary about who was excluded by the Constitution given the time and place?

Good history writers are able to put themselves in that time and place. They can write about the details of small farms and villages throughout the newly formed United States as well as the cities. Great writers of history can find the ordinary and extraordinary events and capture them through eloquence without bias.

The 3/5ths Clause was one of those extraordinary events. It was in direct relation to how many House members each state could have. The more populated a state, the more power they had in the House. It was during this time that slave owning states, in order to increase their numbers in Congress, argued that their slaves were more than just property. In order for slaves to count in the population census dictating House members, they had to be considered people.

For those who research the arguments that followed as they debated about representation, many are surprised to find it was the abolitionist side who sought no representation for any slave. It would have drastically increased the power of the slave owning states. By using the slave owners own words against them that people were nothing more than property, it forced the slave owners to admit they were people.

People who have not read the Constitution are quick to judge it as a document to support slavery. Those who have can find nothing in the Constitution to support slavery. The Clause in question became a permanent reminder to slave owners that slaves were not just property, but human beings.

There is something else extraordinary about the Constitution people should take note of when using modern bias. The Jewish people were never excluded from anything. Under the Constitution, Jews and gentiles had the same rights from the very beginning of the United States.

The slaughter, forced conversions, expulsions and all the other horrible things the Jewish people throughout European history had never happened in the entire history of a single English colony turned state. It is every bit as important to Jewish history as it is to American history.

The mass migration of Jews that began in the 1600s to the New World and continued after independence resulted in the saving of countless lives later. Had they remained, many of their descendants would have been lost to the Nazis, Soviets and others who have come and gone during that time.

Beyond the women and others who were excluded from the Constitution, which would not have been shocking given the time it was written, lies other things that were excluded, which is remarkable considering the system they were born into. They were raised around royals and was the only form of government they had experienced, yet no creation of a new nobility to be on par with the European powers of their day.

To be critical of historical events is acceptable, when those events are outliers of what was considered acceptable for a given time and place. To go beyond via modern bias is to attack based on lies or a smidgeon of truth surrounded by lies. When someone goes beyond criticism to attack, they do so with no actual facts to support their claims, since they can point to nothing from that time which would have been considered unacceptable given when and where it occurred.

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Bob Ryan is a novelist of the future via science-fiction, dystopian or a combination of the two, and blogger of the past with some present added in on occasion. He believes the key to understanding the future is to understand the past, since human nature is an unchanging force. As any writer can attest, he spends a great deal of time researching numerous subjects. He is someone who seeks to strip away emotion in search of reason, since emotion clouds judgement. Bob is an American with an MBA in Business Administration. He is a gentile who supports Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state. He is a Christian Zionist who knows God is calling His chosen home as foretold in prophecy.
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