Tzemach Yehudah Richter
Tzemach Yehudah Richter

Aussie TV Host Says What Many Major US Media Outlets Keep Hiding


The Blaze Network Site picked up a story dated April 26 about Sky News Australian host James Morrow sharply criticizing President Biden and his determination to “weaken America’s standing, her military and emboldening her and our enemies”.

Morrow was speaking on Anzac Day – the Australia and New Zealand equivalent of US Veterans Day. He said “Today is Anzac Day, when we commemorate all those who made the ultimate sacrifice fighting for our freedoms and fighting very often side by side with soldiers from the United States”.

Morrow continued “Which is why today it is so depressing to look at what is happening to the US under Joe Biden, who seems, for whatever reason, determined to weaken America’s standing, her military, and emboldening her and our enemies, making a mockery of a century’s worth of shared sacrifice”.

Morrow also points out that Biden is proposing to make cuts in real terms to the US national defense budget. This will no doubt result in weakness that China and Russia will exploit.

Morrow said that former President Donald Trump understood this which explains why American allies welcomed Trump projecting strength.

This Is Not Limited To America’s Enemies

I must add that we must not forget the thousands of people pouring over the US Southern Border as a direct result of Biden’s open border policy and his refusal to complete “The Wall”. With both the President and VP Harris refusing to visit the border and see first-hand the unfolding disaster, it appears the situation will only get worse. It seems quite clear Biden is not willing to do anything about it.

Many Americans living along the Southern Border are already complaining about the deteriorating security conditions resulting from this.

It makes you wonder if Biden still knows to which country he is President.

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