About Me
Riv has worked and studied in areas of Law, Medicine (conventional and alternative) and Education, in Australia, the USA and Israel. Her credentials include a Juris Doctor (JD) from the University of Melbourne, a BA in Liberal Arts with a major in Education, certifications in Laboratory Regulations and certifications in Traditional Oriental Medicine. Over the years, Riv has taught and led programs worldwide for both school aged kids and adults. She regularly researches, writes and lectures on areas of philosophy, health, women’s issues, and other contemporary areas of interest. Riv believes in inspired leadership and entrepreneurial vision to create positive change in meaningful and lasting ways. In her free time, Riv loves to sing, interior decorate, photograph, travel, read, and experience the great outdoors, especially through horse-riding, long jump, and archery. Riv is currently living in Jerusalem, Israel and working at Ethnics - an Artists' Cooperative Gallery of handmade Israeli art where she divides her time between the business management & strategy, as well as being an integral part of the creative & design process. She is also a freelance writer/editor and manifests her entrepreneurial visions and creative ideas through her concept "Live with Riv" #livwriv aimed at inspiring, motivating, and sharing life's goodness with others. This includes a number of projects and initiatives, such as: The creation of her blog, Riv's Rivers (https://rivkablog.wordpress.com/) - a blog that combines the best of words, creativity, classic quotes and her scenic photography; and her previous Chai חי Tea House (https://www.facebook.com/chaiteahouse18) - a creative social venture for women to awaken their essential life core and shift the paradigms of their lives, through the essence of tea.