Coronavirus – A Humanity Reset?

With the mayhem surrounding Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), the fear of the unknown and the widespread panic calling for World Cooperation, I can’t help but reflect on the bigger picture that the universe is urging humanity to consider.

If we can possibly put aside the physical details, including the scientific research and medical data; move away from the noise of the journalistic fear mongering; ignore the political plays and economic manipulations, then perhaps we will be able see an opportunity for humanity to hit the “reset” button.

As a Start-Up Nation we understand that once in a while a creator must tweak its app; re-calibrate; introduce a new factor and observe its creation’s ability to adapt, evolve and hopefully rise to thrive in the newly challenged environment, stimulated by change and healthy progress.

Sometimes the reset, upgrade or tweak must come about when there are problems with performance – including – malfunctions, delays, and vulnerability to hackers.

Moments of discomfort. Years of challenge. Decades of strife. Centuries of illness. Generations of war.

But these uncomfortable periods often force us to rise, to challenge old narratives, to stimulate new ways of thinking, to inspire new action, to encourage robust discussion and “out of the box” solutions, to pave the way for the color of diversity that can co-exist with open-mindedness and solidarity.

If a physical virus can spur an entire world to cooperate and be more mindful of hand-washing, general hygiene, travel conditions, healthcare and so on, then surely this uncomfortable period can also be a wake-up call on the macro level for humanity to take a good look at other types of viral diseases that are systemic, endemic and rampant on the social, cultural, metaphysical, emotional and spiritual scales.

What if this global discomfort and difficulty could launch humanity into a rising evolution, undermining and neutralizing centuries of viruses – sequencing hate, jealousy, hypocrisy and dishonesty – as manifested by political corruption, social prejudice, economic manipulation, sexual oppression, all still existent in one form or another today…. ?!

One of my all-time favorites is Baz Luhrmann’s Everybody’s free to wear sunscreen, where he advises to “accept certain inalienable truths – prices will rise, politicians will philander…” Perhaps today, as Israel heads to the polls for the third time in the span of a year as a result of political deadlock, we may choose more wisely. We may bravely challenge a status quo, or be pushed outside of our comfort zone to be better informed, to think more critically, to care more about who our leaders will be. “Politicians will philander” can no longer be an accepted reality, but rather an alien concept belonging to an older version of humanity, to a pattern of human norms and behaviors that no longer serve us.

Maybe today is the day we reset, upgrade, or simply tweak a little closer to the state of a healed world. Where more often than not, our new world is privy to examples of inspired leadership; impact investments; business models with integrity; celebrations of unity as well as diversity; robust discussions stimulating healthy progression, compassion, loving kindness and a giving mindset. A world that celebrates good news. A world that cooperates in partnership and rejoices in the rising voice of a better today and an even better tomorrow.

I’d like to believe that we are paying attention. That COVID-19 and the trials and devastation that come along with this physical virus can be a learning curve for humanity to apply more broadly to all of those metaphysical, emotional, spiritual, cultural and social viral diseases that have had more than their fair share of half-lives and lifetimes of infection to grow and fester. That today, the healing antibodies of lessons learned, tried and tested, are well on their way to bringing humanity back to a healthy and strong state of balance, with preventive measures and accountability to keep us in check.

A Humanity Reset – a return to a healed world that generations of rising humanity can continue to be proud of.

About the Author
Riv has worked and studied in areas of Law, Medicine (conventional and alternative) and Education, in Australia, the USA and Israel. Her credentials include a Juris Doctor (JD) from the University of Melbourne, a BA in Liberal Arts with a major in Education, certifications in Laboratory Regulations and certifications in Traditional Oriental Medicine. Over the years, Riv has taught and led programs worldwide for both school aged kids and adults. She regularly researches, writes and lectures on areas of philosophy, health, women’s issues, and other contemporary areas of interest. Riv believes in inspired leadership and entrepreneurial vision to create positive change in meaningful and lasting ways. In her free time, Riv loves to sing, interior decorate, photograph, travel, read, and experience the great outdoors, especially through horse-riding, long jump, and archery. Riv is currently living in Jerusalem, Israel and working at Ethnics - an Artists' Cooperative Gallery of handmade Israeli art where she divides her time between the business management & strategy, as well as being an integral part of the creative & design process. She is also a freelance writer/editor and manifests her entrepreneurial visions and creative ideas through her concept "Live with Riv" #livwriv aimed at inspiring, motivating, and sharing life's goodness with others. This includes a number of projects and initiatives, such as: The creation of her blog, Riv's Rivers ( - a blog that combines the best of words, creativity, classic quotes and her scenic photography; and her previous Chai חי Tea House ( - a creative social venture for women to awaken their essential life core and shift the paradigms of their lives, through the essence of tea.