Sam Eskenasi

Sam Eskenasi

Reshaping perceptions and reclaiming Jewish indigenous identity.
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About Me
Sam Eskenasi is a highly experienced educator and advocate in the Jewish community, dedicated to fighting for the rights and well-being of his people for over 20 years. As the co-creator of La'ad Canada's renowned CARE Project, a widely recognized DEI training program utilized by public service organizations and first responders across Canada and the United States, Sam has played a pivotal role in promoting diversity and inclusivity. With his expertise as a media spokesperson, he has skillfully navigated challenging interviews and debates surrounding antisemitism and Jewish life in North America, while emphasizing the importance of education and dialogue to foster positive relationships. Sam resides in the Greater Toronto Area with his wife and five children, and he is committed to addressing critical issues such as rising antisemitism and preserving Jewish identity.
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