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Autistic Conservative Posing as a Jew

I am autistic but I am not a Jew. I am a Zionist and I am staunchly defensive of Judaism in Britain. Without Jews me and my fellow autistics can not survive or thrive, so they must count in equality and diversity issues as much as disabled people should. My defence of Jews, which I feel strongly about, comes from my secondary school years when I was accused of being Jewish because of my Polish middle name which came from my grandfather.

In the 1947 film Gentleman’s Agreement, Gregory Peck plays a journalist called Philip Schuyler Green who poses as a Jew to live and experience antisemitism so he can write about it. When I first watched this film in 2023 I could see the way he lived through anti-Jewish bigotry was similar to the way I suffered the same situation in school.

I went to Oaklands Secondary School in Bethnal Green from 1996 to 2001 and my parents were told that it had a good autism support programme. But I never got a good education here and I just had to put up with pitiful manifestations and patronising directions from the teachers. I also was forced to face multiculturism, whilst still being a socially awkward boy struggling to fit in with this school. The way I lived with my autism as many other autistic school children do was living in a social minefield that made me anxious and confused.

At Oaklands, I got picked on for two characteristics about me. One was my autism where I got taunted for being weird and awkward, and the other was because of my Polish ancestry. In Tower Hamlets where Oaklands was based about 40% of the pupils in this school were Bengali Muslims, and they were the ones who started the antisemitic behaviour towards me. Later in my 30s when I became politically active I learned that Bangladesh is a country that is openly hateful towards Jews, does not recognise Israel and even labels Polish people with Jewry.

The anti-Polish and Jewish racism that I suffered was directed towards me and was started by the Muslim Bengali pupils. I got along with some of them at first but the my association with them went cold and bitter. I remember one of the Bengali kids in my class telling my form tutor “Charlie said that his middle name is Zenon. What is he doing here? I don’t want Polish people here. Is he a Jew?” He said this in front of me and the teacher allowed him to make such a racist remark like he had a special right to question my right to be here. That to me was very disturbing but my autistic brain couldn’t process the danger of the situation I was in now.

Years later during the Jeremy Corbyn years of the Labour Party, I learned that antisemitism is a transmutative form of racism in which Jews get targeted depending on the frame of the mind of the perpetrators. I frequently see some antisemitic Palestine-supporting leftists shout at Jews “Go back to Poland, Go back to Europe”. They say this as a way of denying the ancestral connection of the Jews to Judea in modern-day Israel. To them, Israel is a European settler colony and Zionism is a white supremacist movement. This is of course all a big lie to frame Jews as rich and powerful overlords, perpetrating a famous blood libel.

This flashbacked to my school days when I was intimidated by the antisemitic Bengali pupils who would reference my Polishness in such a negative and sardonic way. Time after time they would call out to me by my middle name “Oi, Zenon, Zenon, Zenon!” Because of my classic autism traits like being unable to read social cues and having difficulties interacting with people, I couldn’t interpret the meaning of their verbal slurs. I asked the teachers what it was about and they just told me to ignore it and suffer their stupidity.

As an autistic pupil, I was expecting to be given basic life skills and taught with special needs provisions to teach me how to interact with people. But when I asked them about why the Bengali kids were making such a big deal about me being called Zenon they told me to keep quiet about it. They gaslit me into thinking that it was my fault that I mentioned that my middle name is Zenon. It’s as if they were making accommodations to suit the Bengali pupils being that they are the largest minority here, and let them have it as a ghetto day care centre.

Former Conservative Home Secretary Suella Braverman MP is right to claim that Britain is becoming a ghettoised society, as I have lived it and seen the brutal savage nature of this uncivilised area where the Islamist mobs self-segregate.

Later on the Bengali antisemites encouraged some of the other kids to have a go at me too. Sometimes they would make feeble attempts to hound me out of the lessons and the school. The other kids would shout at me things like “You’re rich”, “Why are you called Zenon?”, and “You dirty Pole!” I was still without any clue as to what this taunting was all about and it left me frustrated, confused and angry. But I did find out about the meaning behind their antisemitic rhetoric indirectly through certain situations.

One time I was reading ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’ and I took it into school to read and my form teacher caught me reading it in an empty class. He angrily told me to put it away. I asked him why he was angry with me for reading Anne Frank and he just shouted at me “Put that book away now or else I’ll throw it in the bin!”. My teacher was so horrible and sardonic to me sometimes he told me that I should just shut up and be grateful for getting this education.

I went through my entire schooling at Oaklands confused and so disadvantaged. The school probably kept me from learning about the antisemitic nature of those Bengali Muslims to defend their prestige in diversity. Had word of this gotten out it would have resulted in public humiliation for the school by revealing just how much multiculturism doesn’t work. Such purposes like this have become perverted to serve a ruthless power for altruism. But there is also another side to this situation that shows where I stand in society as an autistic person.

In modern social justice theory and racial equality campaigns there is a belief in an order of society whereby groups of people are divided into privileged and oppressed groups. Based on this belief some of these antiracism campaigners believe there is a hierarchy of racism whereby only some groups matter. Jews are seen as privileged and powerful and therefore not worthy of defending in a race argument, which explains why we have what author David Bernstein calls ‘woke antisemitism’. As an autistic person, I’m even considered by some anti-discrimination activists to be less important than other groups in this way as well.

Since the October 7 massacre in Israel by Hamas it’s been shown around the world that Jews are still vulnerable to annihilation. From my time at school and in this present hostile atmosphere of racial tensions, I can see just how psychologically manipulative brainless and immoral people can be to get ordinary people to ‘eat the toxic fruits they grow out of their hands’. They rely on this false narrative of a victimhood mentality to get the Western civil rights activists on their side. This has created woke antisemitism and it is associated with a perverted reality that has weaponised social justice advocacy against Jews with an illiberal and Marxist belief system.

Many people out on the streets of London in these hate marches every weekend are driven by a death cult mentality. They have been herded to be like slaves to a destructive and duplicitous cause. It’s also a perverted cult that is driven by mentally defective hateful creatures. Defective in the sense that they weaponize these progressives and their anti-racism campaigns so that they can vilify the Jewish people and be anti-Israel.

Instead of saying that they want to kill all the Jews, they say that the Jews are rich and powerful overlords threatening the Arab world. And they have got these peace activists hooked onto every one of their deceptive speeches. This is why antisemitism has become mainstream and it’s driven left-wing progressive warriors to fight like eugenicists, or as I call them social eugenicists.

I love the Jewish people and I will defend them with all my might to be that righteous gentile. I have lived in their shoes without knowing it and I can relate to what they are experiencing now. I have attended Pro-Israel rallies and I tell the Jews in attendance how much I am grateful to them for being in Britain and how I take inspiration from Zionism to build my autistic conservative objectives. Many of them are very touched by that and I am so glad to call them my friends.

Even though these Bengali Muslims made my life hell at school I do not collectively hate all of them. Just the bad apples who psychologically manipulate people to be their slaves. After all, in the autism community we have a saying “If you have seen one autistic person, then you have seen just one autistic person”. So I have only seen a few bad people there and I am glad to say that I have got some Muslim friends today who are also passionate advocates for peaceful co-existence between Jews and Muslims. One of my fellow Conservative friends is Dr Shadman Zaman. He is a Bengali Muslim Zionist and was the first Bangladeshi national to visit Israel. I am full of admiration for Dr Zaman and I believe his calls for Israeli-Bangladeshi relations are the way to make peaceful cooperation for both nations.

I have also met with Iranian freedom fighter and journalist Vahid Beheshti outside the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. He is currently camping there to get the UK government to make the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) proscribed as a terrorist organisation. I told him how much I admired his bravery in the face of intimidation and death threats from Iranian agents just like his wife Mattie Heaven, who I have also met. Dr Zaman has also been threatened by radical Islamic extremists and has even had his Bangladeshi citizenship revoked for travelling to Israel.

Speaking of intimidation I have been in bitter spats with other autistic people online about who I take sides with. I have seen posts from disability groups who have taken sides with the Palestinians, and some have joined in the hate marches against Israel. I tell them that the Jews have done many remarkable things to advance disabled people in society. Such as the Israeli Defence Force’s special intelligence unit called 9900 which recruits autistic people for reconnaissance missions. I’ve shared some of these stories with the Jewish community of Havering at the Romford Synagogue. They are quite amazed by how I connect autism and Zionism together.

Despite this positive message I bring, these autistic tribes operate like a cult just as the anti-Israel hate marchers do. This tribe of the autism community is called the Actually Autistic cult and I have been ostracised and culturally cancelled by them for the way I advocate for autism as a Conservative. Some of them even appropriate holocaust themed slurs against me. When I mentioned to them that I was involved in frontline politics as a Conservative Party activist they say I’m siding with Nazis and that I am supporting genocide against disabled people. One of them even said to me “You will go into a gas chamber being told it’s a shower!”. I don’t care if my choices in advocacy are not woke. I can logically and unequivocally declare that I have got better taste in diversity.

Like Philip Schuyler Green in Gentleman’s Agreement, I have lived antisemitic bigotry and I can now write about my experiences of it to raise awareness and combat this Jewish prejudice. As the film shows you can be proud of your differences and call to celebrate diversity in many different forms by your character and intellectuality and we have a duty to combat prejudices. We are all different in some way just as I am autistic and I love Jews for all the good they have done for disabled people and that is something for me to be proud of. That is one agreement we should all have with one another, for that is why I defend Jewish pride in Britain.

About the Author
Charlie Keeble is a journalist and author of two books focusing on his autism and the advocacy work he celebrates for his self-determination. He takes inspiration from Zionism to build his autistic advocacy movement such as the Jewish practice of Tikkun Olam, and how Israel is a place of a grand spectrum of creative ideas. Autism and Zionism both believe in bright ideas with infinite imagination around the world. Charlie has ambitions to work in journalism telling the story about how autism makes him stronger and more determined than most people you will ever meet. He is a passionate science geek with a burning ambition to invent something that shows his integrity as a creator. He previously worked as an ambassador for the London Science Museum, and once applied to become an astronaut with the European Space Agency. However, at the moment he is helping to develop the Conservative Friends of Neurodiversity blog and podcast.
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