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Autumn Delights – Tips for an Israel fall vacation

The Autumn is here, and it's a great season to tour Israel. So, let's check out what are the most attractive things to do, especially in this season.
Makhtesh Ramon by Erez Speiser

Wait for “After the Holidays”

During September-October, there is a strike of Jewish holidays. Starting from “Rosh Hashana”, The Jewish new year. Continuing with “Yom Kippur”, the Day of Atonement and ending with the weeklong “Succot”, the Festival of Tabernacles. The total duration of this period is about 4 weeks. Most Israelis (and schools) have many days off during this period, and tourists’ attractions can get extremely crowded with locals. So, you better plan your Israel vacation after Succot is over! Since Jewish holiday dates shift every year on the Gregorian calendar, it is advised to check the exact dates.


One of the most amazing things that occur in Israel during Autumn is bird migration.  Israel is situated on a corridor along one of the world’s most famous and busiest migration flyways. Twice a year, more than 500 million birds from 550 species fly over Israel. The entire continent of North America, which is 1,000 times Israel’s size, sees barely twice as many species. The best spot to observe this fantastic sight is in the Agamon Hula Park. You can visit the park at any time of the day and enjoy a variety of birds. However, if you are up to it, the best time to watch the birds is at the break of dawn. The sight (And sound) of tens of thousands of birds waking up and starting their day is an unforgettable experience. Check here for more Bird watching options in Israel.

Watch it and turn on your speakers!

Head South

The Autumn follows Israel’s dry summer. This means the land had not seen a drop of rain for about 4 months. The vegetation is mostly yellow and dry, and the landscape dusty. This makes the North of Israel (Galilee and Golan) less attractive (compared to spring and winter). However, other areas are not spoiled by the dryness, and the fall is the perfect season to visit and enjoy them.


This touristic city on the shores of the Red Sea is super crowded and extremely hot during the summer and beginning of the fall. Personally, I can’t stand it during that period. However, from October and after the strike of holidays is behind us, the town’s character changes completely. The crowds are gone, leaving the beautiful beaches empty and tranquil. While the Mediterranean shores are gradually getting too cold to enjoy a swim, In Eilat, you can still expect warm temperatures. Plus, the city and its surroundings offer a wide variety of attractions that will fit any person with any budget. To list just a few: Scuba diving, natural parks, fabulous restaurants of all kinds, shows, clubs, and the beach of course.

Mitspe Ramon

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The extreme heat of summer makes it almost impossible to enjoy Israel’s southern regions. As autumn begins, the temperatures are gradually decreasing. The relief from the heat is felt much earlier on higher elevations in the desert. Therefore, the desert town of Mitspe Ramon, at an altitude of 800 m, is a perfect location to enjoy outdoor desert activities in the fall. The city has plenty of accommodation options in all price levels and few dining options, making it a great hub to explore the area. Go on a Tour in the Makhtesh, or enjoy the variety of outdoor activities such as Jeep tours, star gazing, rappelling, and much more.

Mediterranean Beaches

Israel long Mediterranean coastline is dotted with dozens of beaches. During the summer, the beaches are probably the #1 popular spot for Israelis and for many tourists as well. Thus, making them very crowded.  As August ends and September begins, the crowds disappear. There is no justified reason for it since both outside temperatures and water temperatures stay high enough to enjoy a swim until the end of October (And for non-sensitive folks even further). Opposed to the summer, when the water is usually rough, during the fall, the water is much clearer with many calm days.  So why not enjoy a long beach walk in the more secluded spots along the coast.

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