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B2B marketing for dummies – and everyone else

There are lots of ways to get - and keep - the attention of potential customers
Marketing seminar (Pixabay)
Marketing seminar (Pixabay)

The B2B funnel is a wild beast. Hard to tame and impossible to predict, the only answer is to build a wide marketing funnel.

1-2-3 For the Win!

Learn the 1-2-3 method. Number 1s are people who work in your field, but feel no pain. Number 2s are potential leads who “feel the pain” but don’t know about your product or service. Number 3’s are leads who feel the pain and are ripe for picking.

Focus on #1

Start with #1. Your blog should be fun to read. At most companies, the blog is a boring collection of whitepapers. Wrong. The blog should cover all of the bases – from serious to funny. Conservative marketing is a failed approach. We’re bombarded with so much noise. Think of the ads you see online and in newspapers. How many do you remember? The cautious approach is a recipe that leads to “nowhere land.”

Write about your topic – from every possible angle. Welcome to the wide marketing funnel.

Feel Their Pain

Continue with #2. These are your potential leads who “feel the pain.” Now your funnel is getting narrow. Empathy, sympathy, tips and tricks. Write about the cure to the pain. Offer free advice via blog posts, ebooks and webinars.

If you have a sophisticated marketing automation system – and in 2015 you should – you can track your leads from #1 to #2.

Go For The Funnel Kill

Now comes the tricky part – turning #2s into #3s. Gently guide them to your cure for the pain. Many roads lead to Rome, and yours is the best. I call this the “2 and ½ stage.” Your leads are well aware of their pains. They’ve heard of your solution and those of your competitors. You need to prod them with a soft edge to the right answer.

Don’t put them to sleep with a boring whitepaper. Entertain them with a #3 ebook, blog post or webinar. Consider conceptualizing your webinars. Tell a story that guides them from #1 to #3 with finesse.

If you play your cards right, by the time you feed your leads the #3 content, you will overachieve and send your sales team leads ripe for picking. The trick? Think in decimals – move your leads from #2 to #2.5 to #3 and you will beat your quarterly goals with ease.

Present quality content and a well thought out marketing plan for every step of the game and your B2B funnel will be awash with cash!

About the Author
Kenny Sahr is a startup marketing executive. His first startup, founded in 1996, was featured in Time Magazine and on 60 Minutes. Kenny moved to Israel from Miami, Florida. In his spare time, he is an avid music collector and traveler.
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