Babylon, A War Of The Minds

We are all Victims of the mind, the minds of the elders..

We did not enter the world knowing that one day we would go on the war path to kill or be killed by another human being because of a belief we held. Our minds were hijacked by an older generation who have been poisoning our minds since the day we were born.

When we take a look at all closed societies whether they are Muslims – Jews, Christians we will find that the children of the families that practice hard core religion never had a chance to realize themselves unless they manage to overcome and break free..

Let’s take a look at the Haredi family where they are not allowed to watch TV or own computers or study languages that they have no need to in their closed groups. The children are brought up into ideas that are implemented into their minds daily – The same goes for the Ultra orthodox Muslim who teaches their children their own interpretation of the Koran. And the hard chore Christians who become missionaries to their faith and of course many more cults and societies living in belief systems coming down from their ancestries..

I encountered an episode the other day between a father and his son who claims to be religious and will not light a fire of Shabbat. He does travel by car on Shabbat and has set up his own set of rules..

I have no problem here until it comes to the children. The episode involved his teenage son cursing and being really rude to him in public where he made no effort to enlighten his child that this was wrong. The teenager literally used his father as a punching bag. But when the child took a stick of incense and tried to light it the father flipped and shouted at him  “we do not light fire on shabbat”… So is the child to grow up and understand that he can abuse others but not light fire on shabbat?

We are witnessing the worst, horrific disorder among the human race at this moment in time and it gets worse when governments based on what they think they know, look for ways to stop the violence with violence.

This is a direct derivative of the negative and cunning mind that for our sake here I will refer to as the “devil”. The “devil” is like a computer – it stores information and then vomits it back at you, sometimes associating the vomit with old vomit or what may look like future vomit mixed with the old.

The “devil” is a liar, simply as it does not have the capacity to live in the now, but will make sure that you believe that the story it is telling now is relevant to the now… It will  tell you what it thinks it knows based on a feeling that has arisen in you and before you know it you have acted on it..and now we are at war….The story it will tell you will make sense based on History (HIS- story)… based on it’s rights- because the ” devil” must seem to be right… and here we will have no compassion for anyone else as our immediate drive will be to take power over our righteousness.

People die and are tortured only because of the minds stories.

The times we are in I call Babylon- and it’s not that the languages are barriers but that the stories which we believe our minds are telling us, are.

Our children carry our doctrines. They go out to war to kill and be killed because we are so faithful to our beliefs that they automatically have to carry out our demands without questions..Have we not killed them with our own minds?

Where is all this leading to you may ask?

I’m think that we all need to stop in our tracks and take some time to look into our souls – each one of us as we are each responsible to hijacking someone Else’s mind with our own… We must allow ourselves to let go of everything we think we know- we must listen to each others’ hearts and feelings and not our minds. We must accept everyone as they are without a need to change them so that we will feel more conformable – we must become willing to admit that we are afraid.

We are not afraid of the situation – we are however, afraid for what we will feel in a situation.

If we each allowed ourselves to feel and not act on our feelings we may find that we are creating Peace in our world.

Now we may chose to educate our young impressionables to a life of abundance and love. so that we can truly know that we have an ultimate democratic way of life..

Is it not our first responsibility to our children who come into our world innocently to clean our own belief system before we hijack theirs?

It’s time to wake up and educate for free thinking which can only be based in LOVE ..

Happy free Hanukkah

About the Author
Born in Israel- Bred in Africa and England.I spent 25 years in the local music industry-was CEO of EMI Music Publishing (Israel). Having left the Industry I developed a method called Be and it Will Be and now mentor people from all walks of life in private,group sessions and lectures.I have appeared on numerous TV programs and had many write ups. I travel the world with my method and hope to bring peace through internal work.Our book is steadily being sold in Hebrew as ״אהיה אשר אהיה״ and worldwide in English and Spanish under the name "The Secret of Effortless Doing". I teach a method that brings Peace within and breaks down walls.
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