Arnold Flick

Back to a two-state reality: Israel and Jordan

From hutz l’Aretz, it seems Israel should consider returning with today’s borders to the 2 States of 1948 to 1967; Israel and Jordan.

First, a total merging of Samaria-Judea with its Arab population into Israel is the eventual death to a Jewish Israel. There is no way in today’s world that Israel can permanently withhold the vote from the newly admitted Palestinians; those now screaming “apartheid” would be joined by many others. Israel cannot ignore what happened to White South Africa when the world joined against it. The Palestinians would get the vote and with it over time, goodbye Jewish Israel.

Second, it is self-evident to all but the current PA leadership that Samaria-Judea cannot function as a separate State. It is too small (Israel is small enough), too lacking in resources, too poor, too disorganized, too fractious. However, things did function when the “West Bank” was a portion of Jordan; same people, same language, same religion.

Remerging of today’s PA with Jordan is the only solution to today’s impossible problem.  Jordan and the PA will resist so things will have to be different. Infrastructure investment, access to a Mediterranean port, trade benefits, big bucks and guaranteed security will have to be given upfront. Israel will have to relinquish claims.

Gaza remains a problem. Maybe Egypt and Gaza can be given an offer they can’t refuse.

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Arnold L. Flick was born 1930 of secular, Zionist, Russian-Jewish immigrant parents. He has followed events in Israel since age seven when he first solicited for the “Jews of Palestine” on the streets of Los Angeles as a young member of Habonim. He was in Israel for four months 1990-91 and for two months 2002. He is active in the House of Israel Balboa park, a non-profit museum in Balboa Park, San Diego, that provides information about Israel to its 15,000 annual visitors.
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