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Baghdad Bob Redux

(Courtesy of author)
(Courtesy of author)

The previous most dishonest politician in the world was Baghdad Bob. He was Iraqi Minister of Information – Muhammad Saeed al Sahhaf AKA “Bob” He was an openly ridiculous provider of lies. Bob’s most ridiculous moment was, when, on camera, he denied US advances into Iraq while US armor rolled across the background.

Now, Bob has been replaced on the dishonesty and absurdity lists by the Prime Minister of Lithuania. Lithuanian Prime Minister Simonyte’s breathtakingly dishonest tweet is below:

Screenshot from Twitter

IHRA and the US State Department have confirmed Lithuania’s Holocaust denial, revision and distortions. Lithuania’s own Presidential Commission, American Jewish Congress, the Lithuanian Jewish Community, the European Jewish Community, the World Jewish Congress and many more have also confirmed Lithuania’s Holocaust revisionism.

Just four days before the Prime Minister’s tweet, the Simon Wiesenthal Center wrote about the US and German Ambassadors to Lithuania, calling for an end to the Lithuanian Government’s Holocaust mendacity. The US Government has repeatedly identified Lithuania as Holocaust revisionists. The prior Israeli Ambassador to Lithuania repeatedly pointed out Lithuanian Holocaust deceptions.

The world’s leading Holocaust historians have consistently identified the facts about the Holocaust in Lithuania. All of these bodies have opposed the Lithuanian Government’s self proclaimed, falsified version of the Holocaust.

Do Simonyte’s statement mean that all 34 governments of IHRA, and the institutions named above are wrong? I think not. The Prime Minister’s statements stand alone in the world, in total contradiction to every legitimate institution and academic in the world, and the truth.

  • Holocaust denial, distortion and revision ARE antisemitism.
  • Defining the murderers of Jews as national heroes IS insulting the victims.
  • Rewriting history to declare the murderers as innocent or heroic is dehumanizing to EVERY Jew.

Prime Minister Simonyte lies. Knowingly, brazenly, showing complete contempt to the world, and seemingly without conscience. Like Baghdad Bob, she obviously cares naught for her credibility. Her tweet is an insult to the Jewish victims of Lithuania’s genocide. It is contempt towards living Jews. It is Holocaust Triumphalism.

Lithuania is a Holocaust revisionist state. The collusion between their government, criminal authorities and courts is total. There is no path to truth about the Holocaust inside Lithuania.

At a time when Lithuania hungers for credibility and respectability in the eyes of the world, Simonyte and her hate-clones blithely eschew any crumb of the truth or scrap of morality. Her tweet is equal in dishonesty to Putin’s latest fake referendum in Ukraine, and the specter of Baghdad Bob’s prime absurdities. These are disastrous proclamations; dissemination of lies, and national publication disaster stunts. Nobody with any knowledge of history is deceived or amused.

Like Baghdad Bob and Vladmir Putin, Prime Minister Simonyte has manufactured her own reality. It is an insult that cannot go unanswered. Will Holocaust institutions object, and if not, what exactly is their function?

About the Author
Grant Arthur Gochin currently serves as the Honorary Consul for the Republic of Togo. He is the Emeritus Special Envoy for Diaspora Affairs for the African Union, which represents the fifty-five African nations, and Emeritus Vice Dean of the Los Angeles Consular Corps, the second largest Consular Corps in the world. Gochin is actively involved in Jewish affairs, focusing on historical justice. He has spent the past twenty five years documenting and restoring signs of Jewish life in Lithuania. He has served as the Chair of the Maceva Project in Lithuania, which mapped / inventoried / documented / restored over fifty abandoned and neglected Jewish cemeteries. Gochin is the author of “Malice, Murder and Manipulation”, published in 2013. His book documents his family history of oppression in Lithuania. He is presently working on a project to expose the current Holocaust revisionism within the Lithuanian government. He is Chief of the Village of Babade in Togo, an honor granted for his philanthropic work. Professionally, Gochin is a Certified Financial Planner and practices as a Wealth Advisor in California, where he lives with his family. Personal site:
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