Barbarians At The Gates

Dealing With The Threat Like A Left Wing Liberal

The other day I watched a news video feed from New York in which a raging fire was consuming an apartment building in the Bronx. One person was dead and several were injured, including two fire fighters. Eventually the blaze was contained and extinguished, but not without a lot of grief and anguish. What was so striking about this incident was the support for the first responders and the victims.

A clear distinction between the fire, and the fire fighters. The bad guy and the good guy.

I wondered how this analogy would play out in a left wing liberal scenario. In that world, the public would be rooting for the fire, oblivious to the people in the building, and the destruction of property. Authorities would demand that the fire fighters behave like T.V. characters, and yell at the fire “You don’t want to do this!” And “we can get you anger management classes!” Naturally the fire would listen, right? Would the authorities criticize the engine companies responding here for using ‘disproportionate’ water force against the fire?

If this sounds silly, this same garbage plays out every Friday along the border with Gaza. I won’t quote the ridiculous verbiage vomiting out of the EU and the UN, among others, but if you want to know the world’s reaction to Israel’s defending the border…see above.

You see, the IDF is supposed to behave like the liberal version of the above fire. Just yell over the loud speakers some of the progressive rhetoric. Don’t fire a single shot. That would be excessive force, right? While the ‘peaceful’ Palestinians attack the fence with Molotov cocktails, rocks, and IED’s.

Progressive liberals can’t seem to tell the difference between the fire, and the firemen! Total moral equivalence between the good guys and the bad guys. One world…one people…kumbaya everybody.

This nonsense is predicated on several points of assumption.

  1. Israel should not exist as a state.
  2. If Israel IS allowed, it can’t be populated with Jews ( Jews are supposed to live in small groups, assimilated among other majorities.)
  3. Jews are not allowed to defend themselves, just sit at home, quietly, and eat bagels.
  4. The world’s adopted pets…the Palestinians… can do no wrong. Killing, death, destruction, horror…these are all acceptable behaviors.

Thank goodness for the hero first responders in the Bronx. Thank goodness for the IDF keeping the barbarians away from the gate. They know the difference!


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Mitch is currently retired and an adjunct instructor at Western Iowa Technical Community College Sioux City Iowa USA.
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