Barbarians at the Gates

The Red-Green Axis

The barbaric attacks on Israel by Hamas Nazis on October 7, 2023, and the worldwide eruption of violent anti-Jewish attacks are campaigns in a worldwide war the so-called “Red-Green Axis” is conducting to destroy Israel and dismantle the foundations of Western civilization.

The term “Red-Green Axis” refers to an unholy alliance of Marxists, Leftists, totalitarian regimes (such as Iran, China, and Russia) and Islamic jihadists who have found common cause in waging war and terrorism to destroy Israel and also destroy Western civilization.

While Marxists/Leftist values may seem to be incompatible with Islamist values, both these groups seek to impose a global totalitarian system on the world. In that world Biblical (IE Torah) values and Israel will be eliminated from the world and replaced with totalitarian group-think, tyranny, and barbarism. In particular, the Red-Green Axis seeks to eliminate from the world Biblical principles such as ethical monotheism, Man being created in the image of God, and Man’s obligation to serve God.

The spiritual roots of Western civilization, both for Jew and Christian, originate in the Land of Israel. Values of ethical monotheism, imported from the Jewish Bible in a distorted manner, established the spiritual foundations of the West. A primary goal of the Red-Green Axis is the destruction of the West’s spiritual foundations, which requires destruction of any Jewish state in the Land of Israel. Thus, genocide of Israel and the Jews are the poisonous fuel that powers the Red-Green Axis.

Western civilization’s secular Enlightenment based philosophies have reached a dead end due to elimination of belief in a Creator and belief in Man’s obligation to serve the Creator, and the replacement of the Creator’s wisdom with Man’s flawed “reason”. The collapse of religion and values has created a vacuum being filled in by false, atheist and race based doctrines including “Palestinianism”, Marxism, Identity Politics, “progressivism”, BLM, DEI, etc.

The ethical monotheism espoused in the Jewish Bible demands that Mankind accept a worldwide value system where all people worship one God who prohibits all barbarism, cruelty, murder, robbery, idolatry, immorality etc. This means that non-Jews must be righteous, but they are not required to convert to Judaism. The God of the Jewish Bible also demands that Mankind practice charity, kindness, and honesty, and promote legal justice. All these values are anathema to the Red-Green Axis who seek to create a global totalitarian political regime designed to crush Man’s spirit.

A war to dismantle Israel and Western Civilization is being conducted on many fronts. These fronts include massive terror campaigns against Israeli citizens, rioting mobs and terrorist attacks disrupting Western societies, elimination of the US Constitution, fake criminal charges and Soviet style show trials for opponents of the Democrat Party, and destruction of the heterosexual family and destruction of gender identities.

Attacks on Jews Signal a Barbarian War on Civilization

The Jewish people and their state are the proverbial “canary in the coal mine” of civilization. The Jewish people have been plucked at by the bloodthirsty vultures and jackals of all time but miraculously they have survived with the help of God. When innocent Jews are being attacked in the streets of Western cities simply because they are Jews, that is a clear sign of a barbarian war against civilization.

“Progressive” Western countries and the Democrat Party in the US have implemented suicidal immigration policies that intentionally welcome in, through non-existent borders, large numbers of terrorists and criminals from around the world. Violent mobs of these Middle Eastern “migrants” (doublespeak for illegal aliens) have entered Western countries and are aggressively cheering and supporting (along with their “progressive” allies) unspeakable atrocities committed by Hamas terrorists in Israel. Jihadists in the US openly threaten the Jews with genocide without ever being charged with any crimes or deported. This insane situation threatens the end of civilization as we have known it.

The New Secularist Religion of “Palestinianism”

The Red-Green Axis has aggressively indoctrinated their brainwashed supporters with a barbaric, secularist “religion” that I will call “Palestinianism”. This invented “religion” promotes virulent, racist hatred of all Jews and seeks a violent replacement of the Jewish state with a mythological Arab Palestinian state that never existed in history. We are seeing a rerun of history where the Red-Green Axis, like the ancient Romans, seeks to replace the Jews and the Land of Israel with an imaginary country called “Palestine”.

“Palestinianism” promotes a secularist jihad against Israel and the Jews under a fake Leftist banner of “justice for Palestine”. Leftists protesters in the streets, mindlessly chanting “from the river to the sea…”, are asked which river and which sea? These protesters are often unable to answer. Truth and facts no longer matter, the only thing that matters is joining the Leftist collective, abandoning all reason, and shouting the correct leftist slogans.

To advance their genocidal jihad against Israel and the Jews, Islamic jihadists exploit the phony two state “peace plans” conjured up by European and Democrat politicians. These “peace plans” have no chance of producing any real peace as Islamic religious doctrine prohibits making true peace with any “infidel” state. The goal of these fraudulent “peace plans” can only be to force Israel to surrender, prevent defeat and disarming of Hamas, and allow Hamas to reconstitute its terrorist state.

American Jews have an obligation to oppose creation of an Arab terror state in the Land of Israel. The continued unreserved support for the Democrat Party by many Jews is suicidal. Jewish support for “progressive” politicians who are allied with Hamas or any jihadists must end. An America ruled by a one party Democrat regime allied with jihadists will become unlivable for Jews.

Barbarians at the Gates of Civilization

The Hamas genocidal war that started October 7, 2023 has brought the world to a cross-roads. The world must now choose between either a civilization based on Biblical (IE Torah) values, or else the totalitarian globalist barbarism of the Red-Green Axis.

Taking the road of Biblical values means embracing good instead of evil and truth instead of falsehood, civilization instead of barbarism. The road of Biblical values requires promoting ethical monotheism, heterosexual families, and limited government, and accepting Israel instead of a fake Palestine, while rejecting the Red-Green Axis and its Marxism, jihadism, terrorism, and totalitarianism.

The road of the Red-Green Axis will mean supporting Hamas, jihad, terrorism, Marxism, and a totalitarian globalist government that will crush Man’s spirit while forcing Man to worship false gods. Opponents and “infidels” against the Red-Green Axis will be persecuted, jailed, and murdered. The road of the Red-Green Axis can only lead to enormous suffering and injustice in the world.

Only the road of Biblical (IE Torah) values will maintain civilization as we have known it.

About the Author
Menachem Lowy is an electrical engineer and a freelance writer in Lakewood, NJ. He studied Torah in various yeshivot in Israel and the US for a number of years. He has worked as an engineer, software developer, and network administrator. Menachem writes articles on various subjects including Torah and science issues, Jewish philosophy, and current events.
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