Baroness Tonge — a self-hating Jew?

There is nothing worse than a person who promotes hate to cover up the fact that she is actually a hidden member of the group she so despises. Although she descends from the famous Smith family, they probably changed their name from the Germanic-Jewish name ‘Schmidt’ centuries ago to avoid detection. Furthermore, the family most likely moved from York in the late 12th century to disguise their Jewishness when the York riots took place in 1190.

Although it is now an easy 2-hr 15-min commute down the A38 from York to Walsall, this would have been a huge undertaking for the Baroness’s forebears. The family would have been sworn to secrecy and told very little of their antecedents. This of course would be news to the Baroness but I’m sure she practises the odd little ritual that stems from her Jewish heritage. Very much like some Portuguese/Spanish ‘Christians’ who still pull down their blinds on Friday afternoon without realizing why.

Several centuries later, her family thought of changing their name from Smith to Ferreiro (Smith in Portuguese) so that they could reap the benefits of the new wave of successful Jewish immigrants to Britain except that they too would have been expelled so it was better to remain incognito.

When we arrive at the present, we can realize how Jewish the Baroness really is. As a doctor (NB: she has a degree in Surgery), she would have had no difficulty in harvesting organs, most certainly if they belonged to ‘stone-aged’ bushmen, and having them used for transplants on low profile recipients. What better way to cover up her crimes than for a Jewess to pretend to be an anti-Semite? Basically, she can have her cake (made from blood) and eat it too. QED.

[NB: Baroness Tonge, the ‘Liberal’ peer, was quoted as saying “that Israel should set up an inquiry to disprove allegations that its medical teams in Haiti “harvested” organs of earthquake victims for use in transplants.” February 11, 2010. It got her fired from the Lib Dems’ political wing, but didn’t stop her talking.]

Fortunately, the Baroness would not want to appear hypocritical, and therefore could not consult Google to verify these interesting familial facts, because this company set up its first offshore office in Israel and must be boycotted like anything else connected with Israel. Naturally, the Baroness wouldn’t use a computer in any capacity because they are powered by Pentium or Celeron chips invented through Intel’s Israeli R & D research unit.

My bet is that she even encourages her staff and minders to avoid these and other companies so that means I can easily employ her strategy of the bigger the lie, the more plausible it is, and not get caught out.

She nicknames Israel, America’s aircraft carrier, but doesn’t realize that her nickname is the Baroness, Tong[u]e of Tripe.

Unfortunately, Baroness Tong[u]e does not recognize the difference between learning facts to earn a degree (even in medical sciences), and the characteristics that give some people intelligence, wisdom and compassion. Maybe it’s a few African Bushmen who should sit in the House of Lords rather than the ‘esteemed’ Baroness of Tripe, because they probably have more humanity and understanding than she possesses.

Hypocrisy would still be hypocrisy by any other name, but loudly spoken bigotry proves emphatically that empty vessels make the most noise.

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As a Jewish husband, father, and grandfather, vitally concerned with the continuity of the Jewish people, I wish to address issues affecting that continuity as I see them, from time to time, and to acknowledge our place in the continuum of Jewish history.
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