Esor Ben-Sorek
Esor Ben-Sorek

Battles Fought and Battles Lost

The media knows it. The politicians know it. Prime Minister Netanyahu knows it. Sara knows it. More important, we the people of Israel know it.

Bibi has lost much of the support of his fellow Likudniks. And Bibi has lost the mandate to form a new government. Two battles he fought and two battles he lost.

Because he has been embroiled in his trial, which is more important to him than the rights and the needs of the citizens of Israel, he has lost the trust and the support of the nation which he was elected to serve.

With the aid of his two closest “comrades”, wife Sara and son Yair, he has followed their ill advice and he lost.

Netanyahu refers to his indictment constantly as a “witch-hunt”, a false reference in a battle for truth. Yet I have heard repeated words from neighbors and friends that the word “hunt” should be eradicated keeping only the “witch” , the word which they most prefer.

It has always been well-known that prime minister Netanyahu’s decisions have been made at the dinner table in his home where two constant members of his family put in their two-cents-worth of suggestions which ultimately become his decisions. Ask any Israeli and they will agree. Bibi may be prime minister but he is definitely not prime resident in his Balfour street home. He has two unpleasant partners.

We notice that he does not travel abroad alone in meetings with foreign leaders. He needs a hand to hold him and a mouth to put words into his mouth and a guide to be assured that he has no hanky-panky ideas with other charming members of the opposite sex. Jealousy rules in far- away travels.

President Rivlin, who is not an admirer of our prime minister (for the time being), will appoint someone else to try to form a government. Perhaps Yair Lapid. Perhaps Naftali Bennett. Or perhaps both.

And perhaps after twelve years on his special seat, Bibi will be forced to surrender it to his successor.

One of the first laws which I believe must be considered and passed is the one which limits the terms a prime minister can be allowed to serve. Like the American presidential rule, two terms will be sufficient.

We may very well be a people of “shnaim-asar shivtaya”… twelve tribes… but not a people who can submit to twelve years of rule by one autocratic “me, me, me first” individual.

As my cousin in Ramat HaSharon told me today “we need a prime minister who puts the citizens of Israel first, not himself”. I’m absolutely certain that 100% of all our citizens will agree to that. Unity at last !

Binyamin Netanyahu has been successful in most everything he has attempted and succeeded. He has always been a winner. Now he has become a loser and it is a bitter pill for him to swallow. And Sara is choking on his bitter pill imagining what life will be away from Balfour street for Israel’s first lady and who now becomes the worst first lady.

Many who refer to her as the “witch of Balfour street” suggest giving her a broom-stick on which to fly away. It is an unkind thought to a woman who has loved her husband and children and who has shared her advice (improperly) on the political scene to her husband who usually follows her suggestions.

While he will begin to write his legacy, what will she be doing? No doubt shopping for new furnishings for their palatial estate by the shores in Caesarea.
And as for elder son Yair, will he finally get a job and go to work at something which is no longer at the taxpayers expense?

Perhaps being out of office and political life may give Bibi an opportunity to visit his daughter Noa Roth and her children… his grandchildren…an opportunity which has been denied to him by his third spouse.

Bibi has been married three times and divorced twice. Doesn’t he know that three is a lucky number?

Battles fought and battles lost. I wish him good luck wherever he goes and whatever he is allowed to do.

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Esor Ben-Sorek is a retired professor of Hebrew, Biblical literature & history of Israel. Conversant in 8 languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish & Dutch. Very proud of being an Israeli citizen. A follower of Trumpeldor & Jabotinsky & Begin.
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