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Becoming Your Maximum

Want to reach your maximum potential. Or at least become better than you were yesterday? Want to achieve more and accomplish your dreams. Want to live without fear? The Possible You Seminar is personal transformation experience creating a fundamental shift in the vibrational patterns that the participant radiates, causing positive and connective interactions with loved ones and business relationships. Established and led by Rabbi Yom Tov Glaser, the seminar is taught in Israel, America, Canada, and Mexico. In the past decade, the program has been presented to 5000 people.

Rabbi Glaser at Red Rock Canyon, Nevada. Rabbi Glaser notes that geologists study the the rock layers of the canyon, in the Possible You, we will explore the layers of who we are as people.
Rabbi Glaser at Red Rock Canyon, Nevada. Rabbi Glaser notes that geologists study the the rock layers of the canyon, in the Possible You, we will explore the layers of who we are as people.

We were lucky enough to snag an interview with Rabbi Yom Tov Glaser, in order to learn more details about the program and its goals.

Why did you create the seminar?  How did you do it?

After several years of training (with Efim Svirsky) and working in therapy, I realized that there were five major fears that all people need to break through. They are rejection, failure, feeling out of control, and unknown, and pain and suffering. I created a workshop where people can work through the roots of these five fears.

What is the significance of the name “The Possible You”?

The root of all the five major fears are limiting beliefs, that lead us to avoid change or tyr new things .As a result our lives become very predictable, meaning removing a lot of possibilities for something else to occur. The Possible You opens up your future to endless possibilities. Those possibilities open by generating powerfully from within.

How is The Possible You different compared with other seminars?

Life occurs in the things we do and who we are being when we do those things. Most seminars focus on the doing and help people break through their fears by doing difficult tasks like public speaking or walking on burning coals.  Like quitting cigarettes or going on a diet, when you do not focus on the being that is causing the doing, weeks after a program, people find themselves right back to the old doings. In the Possible You, the focus is only on the being.  When you transform your being, the doing changes effortlessly and permanently.

What kind of people go to the seminar?

All kinds of people participate from observant to non-observant, but the clientele is almost entirely Jewish. All ages can benefit from the seminar. I’ve had a 15-year-old in the seminar and I’ve had people in their 80s. I actually prefer the diversity of lifestyles and ages because it mimics the world at large which is full of diversity.

For many people, the name Rabbi Yom Tov Glaser is synonymous with Aish HaTorah, kiruv concerts and images of “The Surfing Rabbi.”  Are those perceptions relevant, or will people see a new side to you in the seminar?

I tell everyone at the introduction of the seminar that I might be the most loving rabbi that you will ever meet; a pat you on the back, a pinch on the cheek. Not so in the Possible You.

Though I am extremely empathetic and ready to cry with any participant, I make it clear that I’m not here to be nice. I am here to turn up the heat in the popcorn pot, create resistance, and to ultimately POP.  I coach intensely and directly but there are no scare tactics and absolutely no coercion.

Rabbi Yom Tov Glaser at the Kotel.
Rabbi Yom Tov Glaser at the Kotel.

Many people have dreams of building programs and seminars, but they find the practical steps to be daunting.  How did you make it happen?

I agree it is scary and daunting. I came to a point in life where I had to decide whether I was going to let my fear win or let my brothers and sisters in the Jewish world win. It’s a simple equation and you have to make a choice.  The seminar started as a free seminar that I offered at Aish HaTorah and I developed it slowly but surely over the years. The only reason I charge now is to support the dimension that the seminar has taken on and of course to support my beautiful family.  It is still the most affordable seminar of any kind available.

What were the personal challenges and pitfalls that you faced on your path to success?

I like to say that I was well trained to contain an individual who wants to travel down the deepest of rabbit holes, but going down that rabbit hole with a whole group is a whole different story.

How did you overcome them?

In the beginning, it took me half a year to recover from the experience of containing a whole group of people. So we were stuck with two seminars a year. At this point I can run two simultaneously in one week. I’ve been developing myself as a seminar leader and it’s taken 15 years to get to where I am today. It’s all been by the grace of G-d and the zchus of the participants that has enabled me to lead so many people effectively.

What were the business challenges and pitfalls that you faced on your path to success?

Developing a seminar like this requires a right brain creative mind, that I have. Sustaining a business like this requires a left brain/structured mind. This has been the challenge.

How did you overcome them?

Staff!  Approximately 8 years ago, I took on a general manager, Yitzi Cohen who subsequently move to Lakewood, and I have since been working Rafael Kalisch of Beitar. The general manager runs the logistics so I can stay focused on leading. I also have Nachum Bergos of Telz-Stone, who handles the seminar structure, coaching staff, room management and handouts.

Is there anything you would like people to know that we did not cover?

Actually, yes!  I would love to clear up some common misconceptions about the clientele.  The seminar is not for people with problems. Actually the seminar is for normal people. People with problems, especially those with psychological pathology should seek traditional therapy.  For example, I just finished a seminar in Mexico City for 17 very well-to-do professionals.  One businessperson said “I just had two meetings and the results are amazing! This is the way to work: internal peace, love, and success ! I really connected with the people!”

Some people think that this kind of personal transformation is optional. People say on the fifth day of the seminar, “I can’t believe that I almost didn’t choose to participate. I would have lived the rest of my life believing that about myself!?”

People also think that It’s a quick fix. The program is 24 hours of intense guided work on oneself within the span of one week.  It is hardly quick and yes, the intensity of the leadership, group dynamics and time create transformation.

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