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Beginning to connect to the Kabbalah

From what I currently understand is that many people who mention the Kabbalah most likely do not know it. From what I have watched on spiritual topics from YouTube you must have read and often refer to the Torah and the Talmud. Not many people I have spoken with in Psychic fairs or trade shows have read both. The Torah is the Old Testament of the Bible the Torah most likely being in Hebrew. Christianity comes from Judaism.

This fall I will most likely begin studying Judaism from a rabbi with the idea of conversion to the more original faith. For myself, I feel more spiritually connected studying the Bible rather than metaphysical books. I have often felt connected to the struggle Jewish people face ever since seeing the suffering of Jews during the war meaning WWII. The Holocaust isn’t the only time where Jewish people have fought including during current times facing terror.

The Kabbalah has the Tree of Life as an indicator to look at as a guide. I like to see a blueprint to what I study with a fixed course of study. With astrology tarot Runes etc. you may not ever meet anyone on the same path as you. I believe if you study organized religion it is easier to feel included or connected in faith. The Kabbalah is the most difficult study which can often be mentioned by mystics.

The tarot and Freemasonry with many other sects I have heard mentioned often have links to the Kabbalah. I would like to obtain more knowledge with connections to Judaism and Christianity. You can follow me on here as I map out my path writing to interested others.

The fall of man is in the Torah or Old Testament with Adam and Eve at the Garden of Eden. There are many different concepts in religions which mention sin or evil deeds that need to be accounted for as an example the Ten Commandments. The criminal code of Canada, as well as Law in the USA, is most likely written by followers of the Bible.

Currently, I have been going to a few Pentecostal Churches which are very exciting having faith on display. Evangelical services never fail to cause something within me opening the pathways many mention regarding meditation or spirituality. I have never been to a Judaic service but have watched video lectures with books also.

Jewish weddings look warm exciting and family oriented with the community as well. I like to think that those attendees also know the Kabbalah to some degree while not being on a solo journey. The single journey of the Mystic is not okay for getting away from isolation.

Lately, I have often thought of the people who learn mystical insights mostly those I have seen are professionals. Jewish people don’t seem to engage in fortune telling in Canada with most individuals who present the Kabbalah teachings in exchange for money in Canada being anyone but Jewish. I don’t know why that is for sure, but the higher teachings of spiritual insight often shun payment unless it is for clergy.

As a reader of relationships for more than one decade accepting payment for services I often considered payment in many ways. I don’t like to charge for much money preferring to be little cost as much as I wanted to view as a big psychic. The number of readings I performed or how many clients I had was essential to my self-esteem as a reader. You can trust that if someone does offer services which are impossible for a therapist or clergy to perform than it is best to avoid spending your life inheritance in those instances.

The Kabbalah doesn’t seem to appear on mainstream media such as a Psychic or Astrologer will from time to time. There are centers which seem to attract media attention through the teachings or predictions etc. do not become public. Promotion of the Kabbalah seems to be by attraction only.

I have read the Tarot for close to thirty years for my form of spiritual insight primarily. Now I feel if I was to consult a deeper tradition I don’t know how my routines would end. Often I spend hourly reading time late into the night, and now I am beginning to watch more movies and videos. Books are becoming more important to me while I seem to have more balance in some ways.

Going farther into blogging as a hobby has caused a spiritual change in me before ever reading on different subjects that I can find at the library. Writing is developing with the topic shifting away from global concerns to my concerns which are feelings accessed differently than politics or security.

The spiritual issues I will post on here (TOI) will most likely be current to my feelings of what I see and hear myself. On here I will not only republish old works from other times and eras. Original thoughts of how I self-discover topics to suit my choices and surroundings.

With blogging, I have tried to write on many topics in pursuit of the right spiritual problem. I believe I have found it in myself rather than others. Being patient in writing doesn’t mean waiting to write or publish but what insight gets presented after vast amounts of copy.

I enjoy participating in groups where everyone gets to be heard I also like political rallies. Hopefully, the Kabbalah will include some of that as I look for original Jewish insight or rehashing of thoughts new to me. I wouldn’t know wisdom from other sources, so I open my ears for new words which come to me kindly.

At this point, I see myself as a beginner in spiritual insight because I am shifting from the outside topics of religious prediction to inner dynamics. These themes are growth for me in the way of challenging fears, overcoming shortcomings, walking towards distant goals with many steps in the process. Check back in with me here again when I write another article.

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Jacob Deveaux's in depth spiritual research compels him to write to interested people. He has presented spiritual topics to many on life's issues. Judaism is the base religion with the Torah being the Old Testament accepted by Christians. He will present spiritual topics through the Times of Israel.
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