Being a Zionist behind an enemy lines

Since I was a kid, I heard stories about my roots, my origins, my traditions and my land that I should not name it in public in Iran cause that is a taboo . All I remembered was that I told ;you are a strong Zionist you are mizrahi, you will survive.

Well maybe I should call myself one of those unfortunate Jews which were stuck in Iran after the Islamic government took over the kingdom, in my case not my fault well i was a kid which his father was jailed for a long time because he was suspected of pro Israel activities before revolution.

The time passed we get older they got stronger with more hatred with more doubts about jews in iran and we have no rights to be disagree. well not for all, some jews even denounce Israel cause they found comfort in money and being silent or being a puppet as a representative of jewish minority in parliament which done nothing for us ,for the jails for the tortures for being suddenly erased from every certain papers .

So we became branded ; zionist jew . Well sounds scary but when you need to fight against all odds you will. We entered society which anything that happened in it ,they were telling it is israel fault it is jewish faults, even some iranians that in fact had and have good ties with jews, as habit start to using that : it is your fault . But why my fault ? I did not done anything wrong , i am just a normal citizen, but you are not a normal citizen ,you are jewish that loves Israel and you are threat to the islamic lands.

Why am i a threat? Cause i told people israel is not bad cause i discussed israel right of land and having a right to be a country with peoples and with my patients , show them pictures and texts and books even newspapers from israel just to let them know we are not monsters , we are people which are tired of being silenced . They often thought zionism is only starts from israel and it was not exist before.

So i begin to fight back which i paid a high price for that, forced to leave and put behind everything that i held dear to me and the land that hosted me and my ancestors, so the wilderness has begun.

Iran the land that we lived thousends of years and the land that betrayed us thousends of ways.

About the Author
From Shiraz Iran , now living in Norway.
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