Beliefs of individuals matter

As I saw this footage, many thoughts ran through my head and couple of feelings clashed inside me. Why would she do this? Did she think about the consequences of such an act? Who gave her the right to claim someone’s life?!

Answers to these questions are very hard to find. It might be religion, as someone would say, or hate, the belief of doing something right…But these are all just guesses. To me, as to an international student coming from Europe, are situations like this hard to understand. The Palestinian woman that wounded a security guy today 08/11/2015 was only 22 years old and she decided to go the direction of hatred, emptiness and homicide. She was aware of possibilities of her attempt. Other she will succeed or she will not, but in both situations, she will be stopped, wounded, end in jail or even die.

Since the beginning of the academic year, we have seen many incidents similar to this one. In all cases the most important slogan was “stab as many Jews as you can, for no matter what price it will take “. And this is with what people in Israel live today. As an Israeli citizen, or resident, you have to count with all possible scenarios that could happen. You have to keep your eyes open, because what if some “scatterbrained” terrorist, or that time yet innocent citizen, would decide to stab everyone around you, including you. This is just a small example of the current state.beitar-illit-stabbing-635x357

But lets come back to today`s “accident”. I am wondering and thinking over and over again about the reason for this 22 years old woman to do such a thing. If I pick religion as the starting point, I come to one word conclusion “NO”. There are five major religions Buddhisms, Judaism, Confucianism, Christianity and finally Islam. If the religion was the answer, people would be killing each other all around the world because of different beliefs. And so we cannot generally link assassinations with religions. If I think of Gender equality and feminism as the reason, the answer would be again no. Nevertheless, we heard that her original plan was to get into the bus and murder everybody inside. And what about revenge? No, I could hardly imagine that by her wounded man, has ever done anything similar to her or her family.

In my opinion the possible reasons for committing such an act are an individual’s personality characteristics, and their thoughts related to faith. I would say that the mind, beliefs, and lack of knowledge, separate people from their actions. She believed that assassination of Jewish person was the right choice, maybe because this is what her community told her, and this is how she grew up. And here we come to the main point. The most important in attitude towards any acts is not the religion, is not the race or the country, but is the belief of the individual, the community and basis of his life.

So my answer to why she decided for today`s deed is that she simply did not get it. She did not understand the meaning of life, neither she really had one. She did not know love and was not teach of coexistence, gratitude and humanity. But as we all know humanity is choice, and so not everyone has to choose it.

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Lucia Krollerova comes from small country in the middle of Europe, bringing a passion for traveling, books, animals, politics and everything that is happening around the world. She is a student at Tel Aviv University's International program.
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