Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d

Ben Gvir

The son of a strong one. A possessor of strength. These are some possible translations of his name.

He’s strong. He’s not afraid of Biden or Netanyahu or the left wing or the media.

Wherein lies this strength? And why does the US fear him and Smotrich so much?

I recently saw a video of the Lubavitcher Rebbe talking. I think it regarded security for Israel. And as I remember it, the Rebbe was saying that those who wear a covering on their heads, exemplify their fear of Heaven, of the One Who is above them. And they will be instrumental in safeguarding Israeli security.

Biden wants Israel to give away land for a Palestinian state, in spite of what happened on October 7? Smotrich and Ben Gvir are standing in his way.

And Biden can’t even pressure Netanyahu with this, because Netanyahu can tell him, “What can I do? If I do what you want, Ben Gvir and Smotrich will walk away, and my government will fall.”

Those who wear head coverings, and obey G-d, are not afraid of men, not even of superpowers. Because G-d is the ultimate Superpower, the King over all kings. And when G-d commands us to defend the land, to keep the land whole in order to keep people safe, and to not be afraid of what the world may say, but to fear only G-d, then Biden realizes that Israel is in charge, and that Netanyahu intends to finish off Hamas, and that Israel is not giving away any land.

Because Ben Gvir means a person of strength. Wherein lies his strength? “My strength is from G-d” (Psalms 122; 2)

Israel will be secure. Because its people are now determined to keep it secure, as G-d wants them to. Listen to how Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders speak these days. They close their speech with the words: B’ezrat Hashem — with G-d’s help.

Israel needs US arms and money? The US will give it. Because the US understands that Israel needs to defend itself.

And, ultimately, because when Israel trusts in G-d, and is strong, then G-d gives His blessings for everything that Israel needs for its prosperity and security. And this brings peace to the Middle East, because when enemies see that Israel is strong, prepared to fight, and adamant to not give away any land, then this will bring peace to the entire region, also to the Arabs.

Ben Gvir — a man of strength. Encouraging the entire Jewish nation to be strong. And that strength, fearing no one but G-d, will hasten the arrival of the Redemption with Moshiach, when, as the prophet says, the entire world “will serve Him with one shoulder.” (Tzefanya 3; 9)

May it happen very soon.

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