BH 3

So…  what better mood to be in, on the end of 9 B’Av after all these Iran talks, and nuclear fascination? Let’s seriously think of Moshiach as a reality, a real touchable reality.

Think with me.

Okay, this is it.

So the day has finally come:

Moshiach has come!

He is here!

…..We want moshiach now, we want moshiach now…yeah yeah yeah ….



We’ve got to build the Beis Hamikdash the III….. Who’s going to do it? Azorim, Trump…? It will be a fight even before we start building it…

OK, OK, WAIT A MINUTE, CLOSE YOUR EYES….IMAGINE…..The beautiful Beis Hamikdash standing tall and gorgeous overlooking the whole world…..and right next to it…a HUGE PARKING LOT! Hellllllo?! Where are all the “yiiddin” of the world going to park when they come to the “BH 3 ”…..??

And right next to the big parking lot….A HUGE KANYON! YEEEEESS, Because after services, a Jew must EAT! …and shop of course.

So wait a second, I’m going mad, I’m being realistic here. Jews from all over the world are going to come with their sheep or cows or chickens to be sacrificed….Hmmmm, yes, okay, lemme think…..There will be a huge entrance with a big information booth, all staff wearing same t-shirts….”BHSTAFF” written in the front (“Sponsored by Castro” on the back, probably). So you come in and you check-in your animal, which will be taken away electronically, I guess, on an electronic belt, like the one in the airports….You’ll be given a number and you’ll probably have to wait 3 days before it’s your turn to sacrifice! So you will check in to the hotel nearby built on purpose, voucher for meal and a drink.

There’s going to be a WiFi area in the BH, and all the kohanim  from the whole world are gonna come and be on a schedule, so you’ll be hearing this kind of conversation…..

“Hey, when do you start?” “I just got in from Melbourne. I’m on in two hours and then have to get back. What about you?”…. “Oh I’m from Rome, finishing now. Taking the next flight back.” “Okay, so see you next year, I guess!”……

All kohanim dressed the same in their gorgeous attire, and suddenly you’ll hear this announcement….. “Kohen number 3 2 7 9 0 1 2: Please report for sacrifice…….., East wing, fifteenth floor. Thank you, your sacrifice has just checked in.”

Woooow, it’s going to be huge, man. A huge piece of architecture and organization….. There will be flat screens all over the place with continuous advertisement like……”Is your sheep misbehaving? Why don’t you try “Shushseep,” and she’ll be silent for the whole trip, whether you are coming from Russia or from the U.S!”  ….Or like…”You sinned? We’ll sacrifice it, don’t worry. Do everything from the commodity of your couch wherever you are…..!”

Private jets for the rich and famous landing on the various jet areas in the BH3, with VIP service. Instead of waiting 3 days, you get to have super quick sacrifice and meal package the same day you land!

How weird will it be, no more security outside buildings, no more old men sitting on a stool eating some leftovers with big gloves asking you “yesh neshek?” …  How sad, yes, because there will be no terror, no Arabs (who are they, Mami?…), no wars, no gorgeous chayalim in sexy uniforms. All those young guys once serving the IDF will be working in the BH3 building … and the whole Jerusalem will be one big mechanism of trying to get into the BH3. If you thought now it’s hard to get to the Kotel  by car, wait until the BH will be around… and the TAXI drivers, no wait, this is a chapter on its own…If now there are 10.000, there will be a million…. A million taxi drivers — do you know what that will be?….One big cursing road!

But most of all, what will Israelis argue, now there is the left, the right…the center, yes war, no war, chilonim, datiim, and every Israeli here is a possible prime minister, but once HE is around and BH is working, what will make them talk and argue over a “kos café” at every corner and kiosk?

I’m dreaming with eyes open. This is giving me a lot of thinking, but making me laugh too. Listen we’ve got to become realistic here, if we want things to seriously materialize…

I wake up from my dream. The screen of the TV is sending some weird shades into the room, I peek into the screen, I see a black man declaring a very soon peace in the world once the Iranian get all they wanted… This is a crazy Achashverosh giving all the power to Haman… Same story different era…Esther…where is Esther and Mordechai?… Where are you now?…This is crazy.

BH3… I’m waiting for you to materialize soon, so no more evil man on my flat screen invading my house, my mind…the world.


Hadassah Chen

About the Author
Born and raised in Milan, Italy, grew up always wanting to direct, difficult choice in a religious world for a woman. She married an Israeli in 2004 and moved to Jerusalem. In 2012 they lost their third daughter Navi to cancer after a one year battle. Hadassah started writing a journal during that difficult year which became quite popular. After the passing of their daughter, they started a foundation in her name, Keren NavaRuth and Hadassah became a inspirational speaker. She also managed to fulfill her first step of her big dream and directed her first music clip for jewish star Yakov Shwekey. Hadassah is in the process of writing her first movie script.
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