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Bibi speaks American

In a letter that the Lubavitcher Rebbe once wrote to Netanyahu, the Rebbe praised him for his efforts to defend Israel and the Jewish people. Indeed these days, Bibi is doing so. He is leading Israel in a battle to destroy Hamas. And despite much pressure, Bibi rejected a ceasefire, and proclaimed that Israel will stay in Gaza indefinitely.

In a video of the Rebbe with Elyakim Rubinstein, who was then an adviser to Prime Minister Shamir, the Rebbe explained how to talk to Americans. (You can access the video by typing in Google Search: The Rebbe on how to handle a US Secretary of State)

The Rebbe told Rubinstein, that the United States fought for their existence, against the British and the French. So Shamir needs to tell President Bush and Secretary of State Baker, that Israel is fighting for its existence (and therefore cannot give away land). The Rebbe said that it’s in the US interest that Israel remain strong. And if Shamir explains that it’s a matter of survival, the Americans will understand, since they also fought for their survival.

Sadly, in subsequent years, Israel failed to do this. They gave away land, and the result was terrorism, including the recent tragedy.

But Bibi is now speaking the language that Americans understand.

Everything happens by Divine Providence. When the Jewish people don’t worry about what the world thinks, and focus on defending Jewish lives and wiping out an evil enemy, it opens channels to receive G-d’s blessings for success.

On Passover, there is a very emotional passage in the Haggadah:

“Pour Your anger unto the nations that don’t acknowledge You.
And on the kingdoms that don’t call out to Your name.
For they devoured Jacob, and made his dwelling desolate.
Pour Your fury upon them, may Your burning wrath overtake them.
Chase them with anger and eradicate them from under G-d’s heaven.”

Israel is very determined to destroy Hamas, to erase them, and to blot out their memory.

Many nations understand the importance of doing this. They realize that eradicating terror benefits all civilization.

And those who don’t yet understand this, would do well to think again.

Because G-d is pouring out His wrath.

As Redemption nears, it pays to be on the good side.

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