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Biden’s Coming Confrontation with Netanyahu – It’s Time

In the West Bank, I saw how peace will require confrontation with Israel

David Ignatius has apparently just come to the realization that ‘peace’ in Israel — to very much include control of violent and sponsored West Bank settlers — will require a ‘confrontation with Israel.’ He never says exactly how or any of the steps he believes the US must take in this ‘confrontation.’ But Ignatius is certainly correct to say that a confrontation is coming.

Any who’ve followed any of my diaries know that as strongly as I support Israel, I am an opponent of Netanyahu and his perverse self serving Jewish Supremacist coalition. Netanyahu’s only job is not Israel but to stay in office long enough in the attempt to avoid his own legal accountability. And to do so, he must become one with the most violent, extremist and out of touch governments Israel has ever experienced. He has no control and no authority but to do as he’s told or lose his office.

The very first step is to force Netanyahu’s removal along with his Faustian coalition and the two violent Jewish extremists, Ben Gvir and Smotrich, from Israel’s government. The US has at least held up the sale of 20,000 M16 rifles to Israel for fear (an awareness) that Ben Gvir will most likely transfer these rifles to his fellow West Bank terrorist settlers to make their attacks on Palestinians even more deadly.

Netanyahu’s interest has long and foremost been Netanyahu. He has misled and manipulated support by recent American Presidents with lots of help from groups as the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). Obama, for instance, was the opposite of ‘anti-Israel’ despite said accusations sending as much if not more aid to Israel than had recent Presidents.

The issue was, I’d offer, that he justifiably didn’t like or trust Netanyahu but was still not willing to push as far as he might. With the reality of Netanyahu’s excessively deadly war in Gaza and terrorist West Bank settlers running amok combined with Israeli hostages still being held and dying almost daily, Biden might finally have to take more direct action beyond just holding onto 20,000 M16s.

I’ve been long appalled by the actions of Netanyahu, his now Faustian coalition and the two Jewish extremists, Ben Gvir and Smotrich. A large number of these settlements need to be cleared off the land with its residents returning to Israel proper. Those who don’t wish to do so, are free to go back to New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia. One reality rarely discussed are the large numbers of American Jews who have become part of the West Bank horror show and diminishment of Israel.

This column by David Ignatius is interesting but doesn’t shed any new light or present new info. It also does not hypothesize resolutions other than offering more ambiguity. Ignatius does talk a lot about himself, however. Even should Biden and the American government show the political ‘guts’ needed, what would that look like? Again, Ignatius regularly speaks to the obvious but rarely gives anything beyond.

Another reality less discussed than Americans settlers in the West Bank is the funding and sponsorship by Christian Zionist/CUFI and Evangelical Christians seeking the eventual return of ‘Jesus’ towards their belief in the mythology of Armageddon. These are the post denominationalists and members of the New Apostolic Reformation which is increasingly dominating American government as well.

Ted Cruz’s father, in fact, is a member in good standing of the NAR and just spoke to his delusion that America’s church/state line is valid for everybody but Christians who have an obligation to exert control based on the Seven Mountain principles of the NAR. For those not familiar, check it out.

Christian Zionists provide active funding to and more incitement by West Bank settlements towards a fundamentalist Christian belief that biblical Israel must be one before a fantasy apocalyptic battle subsequent to the ‘second coming.’ They support the war in Gaza towards this much larger conflagration.

Netanyahu, his hard Right government, and Haredi cults also receive Christian Zionist support. This complex picture goes far beyond Hamas terror alone and must be understood. A reality is that very little to no change is possible so long as Netanyahu remains in office backed by his extremist coalition.

Netanyahu’s prosecution of the war in Gaza is horrific and seems to be deteriorating by the day. Yet he persists regardless of Israeli or global sentiment for being held led by this extremist agenda. Biden must take the step of obviously fading primarily military aide to Israel contingent to Netanyahu’s resignation and the changing of Israeli strategies for what is a necessary war on Hamas but to that which is far more cautious and targeted. All of the remaining hostages must also be returned.

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