Stephen I. Siller

Biden’s melting values

President Biden and his Vice President want Israel out of Gaza. They and their fellow Democrat and media acolytes play two sides of the Israel-Hamas war, just like Qatar plays the two sides in the U.S.-Iran enmity. Did Biden learn to do business with both sides from FDR, Biden’s hero? FDR did business with England and, at the same time, allowed nothing Hitler did to interfere with U.S.-German business until Hitler declared war on the U.S. after Pearl Harbor.

Gazan atrocities committed on and after October 7 were known immediately by Israelis, the Bidens, Harris, and other U.S. officials. “The UN Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women and Girls, Reem Alsalem, continues to deny that Israeli women were mass raped by Palestinian men on Oct. 7,” even after the U.N. released a report, five months late, confirming the rapes, decapitations, sexual mutilations and other Hamas atrocities.

Even after that U.N. report and Americans still being held hostage, I do not hear Biden, his V.P., or Mrs. Biden strongly demand that Hamas surrender or release all hostages. Why is Mrs. Biden choosing to skip Israel on her upcoming Middle East trip instead of showing American support for traumatized and wounded Israeli citizens and soldiers? Why did Biden extend the term of the U.S. base in Qatar and not use that leverage to pressure Qatar into causing Hamas to release the hostages immediately?

President Trump manifested American values by cutting off funds to Hamas-enabler UNRWA. Why did Biden fund UNRWA by more than $1 billion, with an additional $121 million paid out since October? In addition to new UNRWA funding, Biden stopped enforcing Iran sanctions. That enriched the Iran that Trump nearly bankrupted and thanks to Biden, Iran has funded its anti-America and anti-Israel terrorist proxies. If Biden ever had pro-Israel values, they’ve melted faster than the ice cream he enjoys at every photo-op.

President Trump’s values brought Israel and Arab states together under the Abraham Accords, benefitting the U.S. and those Middle East nations. Being smitten with Iran, Biden has not stopped Iran’s proxies from kidnapping and killing U.S. citizens, attacking cargo ships, and killing U.S. soldiers. FDR’s lack of values led to the U.S. doing business with both sides, and that led directly to WW2. Will Biden’s anti-Israel and pro-Iran values lead to WW3?

Biden, Harris and Mrs. Biden have no moral authority to lecture Israel about anything. Congressional Democrats do not condemn the Bidens or Harris for what they have said and not said. Do the supposed values of Jewish Democrats disappear when it comes to “My party, Uber Alles”? Will Biden do more damage to America and Israel before Election Day and Inauguration Day?

Biden’s ass-backwards withdrawal from Afghanistan and weak response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine foretold Biden dictating what Israel could do in Gaza, and when. Biden restrained Israel from trying to rescue the hostages or invading Gaza immediately on and after October 7. Biden required Gazans to be evacuated before the IDF raided Gaza on October 13 and before the IDF invaded on October 27. Did those constraints manifest Biden’s and the Democrats’ genuine, over-arching concerns for Gazans or Bibi Derangement Syndrome (BDS), the harm from which is on all Israelis?

Biden provided military aid annually to Israel pursuant to a pre-existing 10-year Memorandum of Understanding. Biden and his Democrats refused to pass the House stand-alone bill providing more aid to Israel in its time of war. Instead, Biden and his Democrats conditioned more aid to Israel on providing significantly more aid to Ukraine. Biden continues to restrain and criticize Israel, lob a few missiles into Yemen, send more aid to Gaza and the PA, and convey anti-Israel bias and American weakness.

“The Biden administration has been raising concerns with Israel about the high civilian death toll in Gaza. And now officials are looking into several of the deadliest airstrikes to see if Israel is misusing American weapons.” Biden asks “Israel to sign a letter promising it won’t violate human rights with American weapons.” Really? In a kinetic war in which most Palestinian Arabs are complicit with Hamas? Biden ignores the reality “that when it comes to avoiding civilian harm, there is no modern comparison to Israel’s war against Hamas. . . . [Israel] has implemented more measures to prevent civilian casualties than any other military in history.”

We know Israel cannot bite the hand that supplies much of its weaponry. We cannot know today if Biden was behind the anti-BiBi judicial reform protests that presented a weakened Israel to Hamas, or if Biden required the NSA to lie to Israel about the Hamas October 7 invasion. Neither of those concerns is unreasonable given that we only recently learned from Bruce Brill’s book, Deceit Of An Ally, that the Nixon-Kissinger NSA lied to Israel in 1973 before the Yom Kippur invasion.

“Bruce Brill . . . . worked for the US . . . [NSA] in 1973, [and] discovered that US intelligence not only knew Egypt and Syria were going to attack Israel, but knew this for a certainty, knew it days in advance, and knew when the attack would commence. . . . Brill . . . realized that Israel was not informed, but [Brill] did not know [in 1973] that Israel was given false intelligence that the Arabs would NOT attack. In 2017 Israeli General Eli Zeira (the head of Israeli military intelligence in 1973) confided to Bruce Brill that Zeira had disclosed the American Intel and convinced Israel’s leaders . . . that the Arabs would NOT attack (in spite of ample Israeli intelligence showing an attack was imminent).”

Pro-Hamas demonstrations continue in Democrat-controlled cities as do attacks on Jews and synagogues globally. Are Biden and the Democrats in 2024 like FDR in 1933-1941 or Nixon-Kissinger in 1973? Hillary’s consigliere, James Carville, points the blame away from Democrats: “it will be Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s fault if Biden loses the election in November.” Democrat failings are always someone else’s fault. Retaining power is more important to Democrats than Israel’s and Jews’ survival and existential fight with terrorists.

Democrats blaming Bibi for the Democrats’ potential loss of power in the next election is no different from Jewish Democrats blaming Bibi for the Hamas rapes and murders, as some have told me. Blaming others does not remedy the negation of a person’s life-long values when confronted with genocide and Jew-hatred.

Israeli “peaceniks” are like U.S. liberals whose values disappear when they are mugged by those they profess to help. One told TOI: “all of the people of Gaza, all of them, hate us to a degree where they would murder babies and pillage our property with zero compunction.” Another said: “I used to go to so many demonstrations for peace and coexistence. And now I’m at a crossroads when it comes to my beliefs. October 7 changed everything and I’m searching for the right path.”

Like the values of Israeli peaceniks, the values of Jewish Democrats need to be reassessed. That reassessment must happen fast, before the values Jewish and other Democrats profess to have, melt like Biden’s ice cream cone and stain the superior integrity they claim to have.

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Stephen I. Siller is a Manhattan-based international lawyer, instrument-rated pilot, open-water scuba diver, and accomplished glassblower. His views are personal and not those of any firm or other organization with which he is affiliated.
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