Billion People Long For Their Beloved Home To Be Safe

Jerusalem Skyline-the most famous place in Israel (Photo: iStock Getty Images by  Charles03)
Jerusalem Skyline-the most famous place in Israel (Photo: iStock Getty Images by Charles03)

Can you imagine a place so dear that it’s considered home by over two billion people? What will the reaction be if this beloved home faces a threat? 

This home is not just a physical place but also a spiritual sanctuary for many. Do you know where this beloved home is?

I’m not referring to India, which recently surpassed one billion inhabitants. I’m talking about Israel, but not merely as a country. Israel is more than a nation; it’s a spiritual home to billions, encompassing Jews, Christians, and Muslims, all descendants of Abraham.

Israel’s population stands at about 9.6 million, but it holds sacred significance for 2.4 billion Christians, 16 million Jews, and nearly 2 billion Muslims worldwide. This land is more than a nation; it’s a profound spiritual place for these communities.

Indeed, compared to the Muslim community, Jews and Christians worldwide feel a deeper connection to Israel, taught about this land from birth, and yearning to visit it at least once in their lifetime. Such longing makes them feel like foreigners even in their own countries because their spiritual roots pull them towards Israel.

Have you ever been far from home for an extended period? 

I believe, indeed, you have. 

Yet, being abroad differs from merely being away; it means being distant from one’s homeland. I’ve spent nearly a decade in Japan and often miss my native Chittagong Hill Tracts.

My spiritual rebirth happened on December 25, 1991, when I embraced Christianity amidst despair, giving me a new hope and a profound connection to my spiritual home, Israel. For over three decades, I’ve missed this spiritual connection. 

Of course, if you’re not a Christian, you might not understand the sadness and attraction Israel holds for many like me.

Imagine now the hurt caused by statements like “Death to Israel.” Such words are not only inappropriate but also unrealistic. How can one think of destroying a place that’s a spiritual refuge for billions? It’s not a mere educational institution like Columbia University or the University of Texas; it’s a country, a spiritual home.

Neither Hamas, Hezbollah, nor the Iranian Islamic Regime can destroy Israel. Before uttering slogans like “Death to Israel,” consider the unrealistic nature of such a stance. People will disregard it, perhaps thinking it stems from ignorance or bias.

I understand the anger of many because Israeli forces are bombing Gaza, and I empathize with the innocent affected. 

Yet, I must ask why there hasn’t been stronger opposition against Hamas in Gaza for their long history of aggression towards Israel. Why haven’t Gazans condemned Hamas for launching thousands of missiles at Israel, or for the October 7 attacks, or for harming innocent Israelis?

I understand that the people of Gaza are afraid of Hamas and can’t oppose Hamas. But they could be at least neutral. 

Sadly, observing the October 7 attack scary video footage from the different social media and news sources, it didn’t seem any of them were neutral. Rather, it seemed to me that there was no one in the Gaza Strip who was not happy about the October attack.

But what about you? 

Have you ever condemned Hamas for their evil actions? Why don’t you condemn? 

You don’t live in Gaza, and you don’t have to worry about being attacked by Hamas. So, you can condemn Hamas without fear.

I know you don’t condemn Hamas. 

On the other hand, you don’t like what Israel is doing. But if you genuinely care about Gaza and its civilians, start by condemning Hamas, then critique Israel. You should condemn Hamas first because Hamas initiated the war.

Just imagine your home is under attack, and you seek a fair judgment. However, instead of receiving fair judgment, you find others celebrating the atrocities committed against you. Of course, it would be incredibly enraging. The recent attacks by Hamas, which Hezbollah, Houthis, and Iran directly support, have posed a severe security challenge for Israel, forcing it to respond.

Now, think, you want to kill all Jews and Christians and eradicate the whole of Israel. How is it possible? Do you think over two billion people remain silent and let you do so?

All are not like Barnie Sanders or António Guterres, who hide real problems for political gains. They support Hamas more than they condemn. 

But there are also great people like Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu who understand the responsibility of protecting Israel and its citizens. He also understands how to fight with Hamas without causing mass civilian casualties in Gaza.

Leaders such as Bernie Sanders or António Guterres may quickly criticize Prime Minister Netanyahu but are unable to comprehend the responsibility of safeguarding a cherished spiritual home for over two billion individuals.

It’s not just a matter for Prime Minister Netanyahu Netanyahu, Sanders, or António; it’s a matter of billions of people. 

Indeed, those who want to protect Israel from being eradicated care deeply for the lives in Gaza, but protection requires action. They need to stand up and clearly state their opposition to Hamas. Similarly, the international community must condemn Hamas and seek ways to protect civilian lives.

In short, if you try to destroy my beloved home, we can’t accept it. I must defend, and that’s what Israel has been claiming. 

If that’s the case, the situation in Gaza will continue to deteriorate over time. Supporters of Hamas must understand this sooner rather than later so they can take action to save the lives of innocent Gaza civilians. Israel is a democratic country that doesn’t tolerate terrorism. Those who truly care about the lives of Gaza civilians should support the democratic movement, not terrorism.

Otherwise, over two billion people will defend their spiritual home, Israel.

About the Author
Purna Lal Chakma is from Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh, one of the most persecuted Christians. He studied M.Th. and has 14 years of experience pastoring in an Islamic-majority country like Bangladesh. He is an experienced person about how radical Islamists see Christians and Jews. He also knows how Islamists think about Israel. Now, he is just a simple travel blogger in Tokyo.
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