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Boulevard of Failed Peace Plans

In any negotiation, both parties must be willing to give and take. This is the mindset that makes settlements possible. If one side enters the fray without any intention to maintain a good faith negotiation, then any proposed deal would be impossible to reach.

For months now, the Trump administration has promised to reveal its plan to end the decades long Israeli-Palestinian conflict. While those on the Israeli side have remained largely cautiously optimistic, the Palestinians and their apologists have taken every opportunity to denounce, condemn and reject the plan. Mind you, they haven’t seen the plan at all. But they still reject it outright. And this should show the world that the Palestinians are not good faith partners in this so-called peace process. They are belligerents that take every opportunity to reject an opportunity, and this is why the conflict remains perpetually unresolved and festering.

Playing Devil’s Advocate, let us assume that the Trump peace plan is highly favorable towards Israel and not so generous towards the Palestinians. The logical and appropriate response would be to present a counter proposal, then then all parties involved can move back and forth until a deal is reached. But it is important to note that the Palestinians never bring a counter proposal to the negotiating table. When Yasser Arafat rejected Ehud Barak’s 2000 peace plan, he did not offer any counter plan. No, instead he marched home and launched a war against Israeli civilians. Palestinian President Mahmood Abbas, following in the intransigent and blood-soaked footsteps of his predecessor, is no better. After rejecting Ehud Olmert’s peace proposals, Abbas went on to stoke and spread anti- Israel sentiment across the Palestinian Territories.

Why? The answer is painful yet simple: the Palestinians do not want to negotiate with Israel. They see Israel as a foreign occupier, and they will always refuse to acknowledge Israel’s legitimacy. They will not settle for anything less than their maximalist demands dictate. And even if they managed to get a state existing entirely on the 1967 borders, they will continue their offensive until they seize Jaffa, Haifa and the rest of Israel proper.

Fear mongering, am I? One simply needs to look at the maps produced by the Palestinians. They envision a Palestinian state on all of Israel. They refuse to acknowledge any Jewish links to any inch of the land, and they openly talk about eradicating Israel in their textbooks, on their TV shows and through their radio waves.

When Israel offers a hand of peace, the Palestinians slap it away. How many ‘Days of Rage’ have we seen emerging from the Palestinian side? Brace yourselves, as yet another one is said to erupt after Trump releases his plan. Notice again that they rush to ‘rage’ and violence instead of sitting at the table to discuss a solution. Why? Because they will drag this conflict on until the end of time, for they want what they want and they will not back down. This is why previous peace plans have failed. This is why President Abbas made no headway into the peace process, even when Prime Minister Netanyahu capitulated and froze settlement building. The Palestinians have one page in their play book, and they never turn it. It was, and will remain, a page dedicated to rejection, extremism and violence. And due to this undeniable fact, the Trump ‘Deal of the Century’ will fall by the wayside and join the countless other peace plans that were lost due to Palestinian rejectionism.

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