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Building and Finding Peace

Shalom, the secret of peace shin unity of 3 Lamed 30 VavMem into the heart.

No one in the world can deny the importance of peace except for crazy fanatics. There are various types of peace all are important. Peace in the home is one type of peace which is important for the whole family. To have peace in home also requires livelihood and national security.

National peace is important even critical for those living in their country. National peace demands its citizens to work together for their nation and its national peace. National Unity is a goal which is also the goal of National peace. No nation in this world is alone. National peace requires also World Peace.

World Peace is peace between nations. Each nation has its own land and its own government. Without world peace there is no stability in any one nation. The larger more powerful nations can exist on their own strength militarily and economically. The smaller nations may be more threatened by the nations surrounding them. To achieve world peace big brother the larger nations are needed to reinforce peace in the smaller nations which may be bullied by larger nations in its surroundings. The larger nations through working together can achieve World Peace. Today when the Soviet Union has fallen and joined the democratic world the unity of democratic nations is stronger to achieve World Peace. However there are still some nations which refuse to join the union of democratic nations.

Inner peace is a goal for each human being. Inner peace requires faith and trust in God. It also requires to receive the Messianic light with religion. Most religions do not emphasize inner peace. Religions emphasize following a code of Ethics and faith and belief in One God the creator of the world. Religion encourages each person to serve God according to their particular way. Judaism has its way and its law. The other religions have adopted their own statutes.  Inner peace can be achieved through the emphasis of faith before religion. Faith means believing in God who desires each person to find inner peace and inner freedom.  Most religions emphasize devotion to their master called the Lord and the obligations to him their God. Bhai faith which came after Judaism, Christianity and Islam emphasizes finding inner peace as the second goal of religion an evolution from servant to son free man.  This is also the goal of Progressive Jewish Spirituality. This goal can only be achieved when all these three religions are at peace with each other. This unity comes through uniting the three great prophets and masters the founders of the three monotheistic religions who are Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed. The unity of these three masters becomes the New Trinity which is the vessel for the discovery of inner peace and freedom. Each religion has its own doctrine which is sacred. Peace is also sacred; the purpose and goal of all life a good reason for all of mankind to pursue it.  Religion may object to connecting with another religion for many reasons. Each religion has its own particular goals. Peace is the universal goal; also called the universal name of God.

The goal of inner peace and happiness is suppressed under the pressures of life.  When there is no peace in the home, it is hard to find inner peace. When there is civil war within a nation because of economic and political reasons, inner peace is less important than solving these problems. For sure when nations are at war; there is no time for inner peace. The world is built from the bottom upwards beginning with 1) family, 2) nation and 3) the world. For six thousand years of Biblical history there is still no environment for inner peace. Today after the fall of the Soviet Union and the nations of the world are uniting and cooperating between each other; maybe soon in the world today will become time and space to build inner peace for each human being. Freedom has the power to unite the world. Love has the power to unite the world.  Fear is justified when there is no trust. The ultimate goal is summed up in the prophecy of Zechariah, “And it will be that God is the king of the whole universe, in this day God will be one and his name will be one.” The name of God is peace which begins with freedom. In Israel peace is called Shalom. Muslims say Salem. Hindus Om Tat Sat. The secret of peace is more than the lips can utter felt in the heart a deep silence with song.

Moses at Mount Sinai saw that the goal of universal peace was far off. He could only bring peace to the Jewish people the children of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob through building for them a nation under God which survived over four hundred years with its holy temple in Jerusalem. After the destruction of the temple began a new goal to bring peace to the world on a broad scale. Judaism remains with its hope for peace for its nation Israel. People in the world are looking outward toward World Peace and inward toward inner peace. Inner peace comes when there is world peace and unity the universal light which is the light enjoyed by Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. They lost this light and were expelled from the Garden of Peace. As a result a new light was built in the world the light of national peace and family peace. There can only be peace when the whole world is at peace. About this sang Rabbi Shlomo Carlbach:

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