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Building & scaling health-tech collaborations

The Jan 19th Online Conference “Building & Scaling Healthtech Collaborations” is being co-organized by JLM-Biocity, Imagine Bio, and MATTER and will include executives from leading Pharma and Medtech companies including Bayer, Boehringer Ingelheim, Medtronic, Roche, and Sompo.  The event will include case studies of successful collaborations between three Israeli digital health startups and global healthcare leaders with the actual managers who led the collaborations discussing what made them work.

Of course, it is clear to everyone that the global digital health market is rapidly growing with widespread adoption as a silver lining of the Covid-19 epidemic. However, what is rarely discussed is the consistent challenge that current healthcare leaders have in moving beyond piloting digital health technologies to effectively scale commercialization.

At the event, Imagine Bio will be releasing its Special Report and Industry Survey “2020 Israel Digital Health Collaborations & Scaleup”. “We’re humbled by so much of the industry actively contributing to our survey and report. The report breaks down not only how rapidly the industry is growing, but the important role that Israel’s ecosystem and digital health startups have in supporting the digital innovation initiatives at global healthcare leaders.

Our survey showed that throughout the Pharma, Medical Device, Provider, and Payer sectors fewer than 25% of pilot collaborations continue to scaleup, even when the pilot meets its KPI’s” says Ilya Budik, Imagine Bio’s Managing Partner.” The Event will highlight some of these hurdles and explore ways to overcome this.

The report notes that if before the Covid-19 epidemic, telehealth had limited adoption among doctors and was not widely covered by health insurers, today the doctors and insurers have rapidly deployed and are reimbursing not only telehealth but a growing list of digitized healthcare services. The Israeli digital health startups are harnessing this boom, especially those with working relationships within the Israeli HMOs, Ministry of Health, and hospitals because they can provide proven solutions rapidly without physical limitations. The prominence of global corporations seeking Israeli innovation is a growing trend with many MNCs having dedicated scouting efforts and even R&D offices in Israel.  A new trend is that US HMOs are also opening offices in Israel and seeking investments. We invite you to this event which will cover these transformational changes and how to best harness them for your company’s success.

Participants in the event will receive a complimentary copy to Imagine Bio’s report.

Steven Collens, the CEO of MATTER further elaborates on this “We believe that collaboration is crucial to healthcare innovation. Two of our community members, partner Roche and member DayTwo, exemplify this thesis. When patient-driven healthcare organizations are able to work alongside innovative startups, the result is that both companies benefit,”

Hamutal Shahar, The CEO of JLM BioCity highlights the unique nature of this Collaboration. “ JLM BioCity is pleased to be co-hosting this event and demonstrate another facet of the ecosystem in Israel and overseas. We have come together to present a unique view on this important topic of collaboration between digital health start-ups and leading Pharma & Medtech companies, which accelerates innovation to higher levels. This event sheds light on both strategical & practical aspects of such collaborations, and will hopefully encourage more Organizations and Companies to work together”

Live Virtual Event and Networking on Tuesday, January 19, 2021 – 8 pm Israel / 1 pm EST

Free Registration here:

Building & Scaling Healthtech Collaborations

Tuesday, Jan 19, 2021, 8:00 PM

Online event

104 JLM-BioCity Members Attending

“BUILDING & SCALING HEALTHTECH COLLABORATIONS” Live Virtual Networking Event Tuesday, January 19th,[masked]:00 pm Israel / 1 pm EST Co-Organized by: Imagine Bio, JLM BioCity, MATTER (USA) Digital Health was already a rapidly expanding sector within the healthcare industry before the Covid-19 pandemic hit. The resulting crisis is driving an exponenti…

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This event is co-organized by: Imagine Bio, JLM BioCity, MATTER and brings together three organizations making a global impact on healthcare innovation.

About the Co-Organizers:

JLM-BioCity is Jerusalem’s largest forum of bio entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals, working to accelerate the City’s medical and bio innovation.


Imagine Bio advises global healthcare leaders and emerging startups on strategy, partnerships, and investments. Our dedicated team of healthcare experts supports leading pharma, health tech, and provider firms to effectively design and implement emerging technologies and business models.

 MATTER is a global healthcare startup incubator, community nexus and corporate innovation accelerator headquartered in Chicago.



The event will feature a presentation with highlights from Imagine Bio’s 2020 Special Report on Israel Digital Health Collaborations & Scaleup by Ilya Budik, Managing Partner of Imagine Bio.

Highlights of this Report

The year 2020 has not been an exception to the industry’s astronomical growth. Despite the global crisis generated by the COVID-19 pandemic, investments in digital health innovation remain strong. In fact, stronger than ever. The three quarters of 2020 closed at a record funding of $18.1 B, 35% higher than the same period last year. In Israel, the Investment amounted to US$745m for three quarters of 2020.

Israel has emerged as a leading global hub for digital health innovation over the past few years. Based on its technology strength in leading industries, such as artificial intelligence, communications, IT, mobile technologies, and vision and data analytics, combined with an extensive base of scientists and researchers as well as an entrepreneurial culture, Israel offers an ideal ecosystem for digital health innovation for both startups and multinational healthcare and tech leaders.

Over 6,000 active companies exist in the Israeli innovation ecosystem. An estimated 1,600 operate in the life sciences, out of which more than 600 belong to the digital health sector.

Event Summary

The event will also feature an Executive Panel from global pharma and Medtech discussing “Best Practices for Building and Scaling Collaborations with Innovation Leaders”

Another key part of the event is the Collaboration Case Studies of successful collaborations between three Israeli digital health startups and global healthcare leaders with the actual managers who led the collaborations discussing what made them work.

Nutrino & Medtronic

Nutrino is building the world’s largest and most adaptable nutrition insights platform. Creators of the FoodPrint™, Nutrino uncovers the invisible connections between people and food to empower better nutritional decisions for better health outcomes.

DayTwo & Roche Diagnostics

Day Two provides Evidence-Based, Precision Nutrition at Your Fingertips. DayTwo’s science empowers clinicians and people with diabetes, providing a food-as-medicine approach

Binah.AI & Sompo Real-time, medical-grade vital signs measurements using only a smartphone, laptop or tablet camera. From remote or on-premises. Just by looking at the device’s camera. In less than one minute.

The event will conclude with breakout rooms for networking to give participants an opportunity to connect with the speakers and panelists.

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