Bumper Stickers for this Election

Bumper stickers I’d like to see:

1. 12 Years is Enough;

2. No One is Above the Law;

3. Good Leaders Instill Love Not Fear;

4. Attacking Democratic Institutions is anti-Jewish;

5. We’ve Tried Right and Left — Time for the Center;

6. Forbidden to Choose Money over Morality;

7. Build Houses in the Galil and the Negev;

8. Good Leaders Practice Tzimtzum and Empower Others;

9. Fake News is Fake;

10. Bibi 1st PM to Fail to Reach Out to Both Parties in the US;

11. Long Term Our Greatest Security is the High Moral Ground;

12. Every Human Being is Created B’tzelem;

13. See Jeremiah 22 for How a Leader is Supposed to Behave

About the Author
Bill Berk was born in California and graduated college from the University of California, Berkeley. He attended rabbinical school (HUC) and served congregations in Palo Alto and Phoenix. Bill made aliyah in 2006, and worked at the Hartman Institute running their educational programs for rabbis. He has worked at Keshet and Makor in the field of educational travel.
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