Business Lunch at Herbert Samuel – an elegant gourmet bargain


Business lunch is a golden opportunity to enjoy fine food and elegant atmosphere at the Herbert Samuel restaurant at a fair price. The kosher meat restaurant is located in the lobby of the luxurious Ritz-Carlton hotel, but most of the diners come from the surrounding area. The business lunch is priced at NIS 98 (some dishes are more expensive) and includes a starter, bread, and a main course.

The restaurant décor is clean and bright. The space is divided by semi-opaque dividers so that a sense of space is kept but it still feels private and cozy. One side of the restaurant is a transparent wine refrigerator while the other is open to the marina and sea that brings in soft light and splendid landscape view.

Herbert Samulel, photo: T.Sharon

Herbert Samuel is a chef’s restaurant. It started as Chef Yonatan Roshfeld’s restaurant. Nowadays, the chef is Mor Cohen, who kept a few dishes of Roshfeld like the famous tomato salad but also changed and updated the menu with great success. The food here is based on the finest fresh Israeli ingredients and in keeping with strict kashrut. The food here is gourmet chef dishes that are meticulously presented. Each dish has a unique touch, looks, and its own distinct taste, each different from the other dishes. One can eat here several times and each time vary the dishes and flavors. The menu varies frequently depending on availability of raw materials and seasons.

Roshfeld’s famous tomato salad, photo: T.Sharon

The meals can be accompanied by the restaurant’s wide range of wines with emphasis on Israeli wineries from around the country. The business menu offers red and white wine by the glass at reasonable prices. Currently, these are wines of the Israeli-Mediterranean MAIA winery (very good wines!). We decided to try the Herbert Samuel house wine, a blend of Shiraz, Cabernet Franc and Merlot of Tulip Winery, aged 12 months. It had pleasant acidity.

Business Lunch menu

A business meal at Herbert Samuel costs NIS 98 and includes a fresh bread basket, an appetizer and a main course.

The selection of appetizers includes Herbert Samuel’s tomato salad (not to be missed!), Heirloom eggplant, greens and roots salad, Norwegian salmon and tuna tartar (the latter is plus 10 NIS).  We tasted the greens and roots salad, which contained a variety of fresh lettuces (such as Salanova), sliced mini cucumbers, thinly sliced radish, a peach that gave it a balance of delicate flavors, dill and smoked crunchy almonds. The Norwegian salmon was excellent, with a gentle spiciness. But the dish we were most excited about was a starter that we ordered from the evening menu – long eggplants dish. It contained two long eggplants (which look a bit like zucchinis), boiled and lightly sautéed on tahini and truffles cream, and a beaten egg with a garnish of reduced balsamic sauce. A treat! You might want to know that most of the first courses are relatively large, so it is best to be careful not to eat too much and leave some room for the main course.

Long Eggplant photo: T.Sharon

The main course includes a selection of main dishes like potato gnocchi with mushrooms, hazelnuts and truffle butter (I ate this in the past, excellent!). Salmon fillet, Meagre, chicken supreme, hamburger and lamb kebab (Meagre and kebab are plus NIS 15), and more special dishes of whole sea bass, beef fillet and lamb chops (NIS 146-208). I ordered the Meagre fillet a la plancha with ratte potatoes and seared baby zucchini on almonds tahini and chermoula. The fish was tender and the sauce fantastic! My partner ordered beef fillet with confit potato and marrow confit in a sauce of baked garlic and peppered brandy. The fillet was accurately made to order (medium), tender and juicy, and the sauce was rich in taste and silky in texture. Excellent!

photo: T.Sharon


The restaurant has a selection of Parve desserts such as Valrhona chocolate bar, Golab Jamun and almond pancakes, Har Bracha – tahini sorbet, espresso and sesame, duet of fruit sorbet (36-42 NIS) and dessert wines. We ate the Valrhona chocolate bar – crunchy layer, chocolate creameux, Hazelnuts ice cream & salted caramel curd, hazelnut ice cream and salted caramel (NIS 48), which was delicious. In addition, Har Bracha, which contained moist date cake, tahini sorbet and sesame tuile (NIS 38), an exceptional dessert, not-too-sweet with Middle Eastern flavors. I found it less appealing than the chocolate bar but my partner loved it!

In summary, an elegant lunch in a luxurious and relaxed atmosphere, with excellent chef’s dishes, immaculate service and an affordable price. I highly recommend it!


Herbert Samuel, Ritz-Carlton Herzliya, Kosher

A review of dinner at Herbert Samuel

Disclosure: the writer was a guest of the restaurant

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