Jorde M. Nathan

…But thinking makes it so

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”  Shockingly, this phrase rings loudly in the 10/7 Middle East.  What happened?

  • Iran-backed Hamas invaded Israel and inflicted a terror siege featuring beheading, baby-baking and rape.
  • Three broad waves of invasion took place and the murder, pillage and destruction thrust upon Israel was broad-based. We saw a lot of complacency.
  • Journalists from Al Jazeera for example and employees of NGO’s and UNHRA for example were among the rapist be-header legions.
  • Hundreds of hostages were abducted and forcibly imprisoned in Gaza.
  • “Neutral” sites including schools, mosques, and hospitals were routinely used by the terrorists.

The above happened.  It is true.  It is gross, repulsive, and disgusting.  Anyone with eyes and a mind can see and is sickened.  Thinking makes it so.

Live witness testimony and extensive cellphone, audio, and video evidence make it so.  And it is repugnant and easily objectionable by any moral person, any just society or any humane state.

Tragically, look how far we have fallen since 10/7.  Depraved, false narratives are puked as truth; thinking makes it so:

  • Two-State Solution: this suggests that there should be a REWARD for the murderous invasion of a sovereign state Israel.  How about a consequence for bad behavior?
  • Free Free Palestine: this suggests that Gaza has been occupied and occupied by Israel. FALSE.
  • Ceasefire Now: there was a ceasefire until 10/6.  Returning to a ceasefire NOW, after a terror spree, simply rewards terror.  Bad behavior has consequences.  It is just to expect Hamas be expelled, lose land in the form of a security buffer and be forced to disarm.
  • From the River to the Sea:  Israel’s defense of herself has the terrorist supporters rising up to drive Jews out.  Out?  Out to where?  Shall they return to Yemen or Syria or Egypt?.  This is a euphemism for judenrein in all of Israel.  They think big, these rapists and their apologist idiots.  They think and their thinking makes it so.
  •  Stop the Genocide:  no comment needed here.

Total rubbish and complete dishonesty.  Truth in thinking is being hijacked.  Perhaps it depends on the context; maybe the CONTEXT of slaughtering babies in front of their parents entitles wearing kufiyahs and spewing vitriol.  Let’s think about that.

Hamas comes to murder Israelis yet it’s the Israeli’s who are committing genocide?  That is sickeningly absurd.  Jews and other anti-murder constituencies speak out on college campus and are vilified, threatened and demonized.  Think again?  Those who support the be-headers hide behind their buzz words:  Two-States, Free Palestine, Ceasefire, River to the Sea.  But regardless of the words, they stand on the side of baby-murder, rape, sexualizing of torture and kidnapping.

We must change the language.  You are either for Israel and her ability to defend citizens or you are for the Hamas and its murder and terror.  You are either for victims of heinous brutality and gender-based violence or for the perpetrators of this vile and sub-human horror.  It is black and white.  And it is so.

About the Author
Jorde M. Nathan is a former Managing Director at Barclays Capital responsible for distributing and sourcing par and distressed loans. Prior to Barclays, Mr. Nathan joined Lehman Brothers in 1994 to launch a loan origination and trading business. He has an MBA from the University of Chicago and graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Amherst College with a major in Chinese. Jorde has lived in London, Hong Kong and Beijing and speaks Spanish and Mandarin Chinese and limited Hebrew. Nathan is past President of the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces Midwest Region and serves on the National Board. Mr. Nathan has served on the Board of Directors of Solomon Schechter Day Schools and on the Endowment Committee of the Jewish Federation. He is an alumnus of the Wexner Heritage Foundation and a former member of the United Jewish Communities National Young Leadership Cabinet. Jorde is a Zionist and has visited Israel nearly 20 times…leading missions, bringing first-timers, leading the annual “Nathan Family trip” and participating in the Nachshon missions. The Nathan Family consists of Jorde, wife of 33 years Helene Diamond Nathan from Vancouver, British Columbia, and four day school children Reeven Earl (30), Sophie Charlat Diamond (28), Chase Chaiim Tzvi (27) and Levy Yitzchak (23). Jorde is an avid fly tier and fly fisherman and spends his days learning Talmud at the Hebrew Theological College and leading opinion regarding the US/Israel relationship. The Nathans live in Chicago and Park City.
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