Stephen I. Siller

Butt out: There is no multistate “solution” and never was, period.

A high lottery number in the first Vietnam Draft allowed me to finish college and law school, and time to learn why my country chose to fight the first of too many wars it never intended to win.  Israel must ignore admonitions to call a time-out that failed know-it-alls who exempt Hamas from civilization’s rules scream daily.  Israel must fight to win this war on Israel’s terms and as expeditiously as strategy and tactics allow.  Israel cannot fail.

For 75 years, many people of good will and reason hoped for a successful “two-state” solution in “Palestine.”  Two US Presidents still beat that drum.  I proposed a three-state solution 12 years ago and was wrong, as are US Presidents 44 and 46.

A multistate “solution” and all social-justice Jewish progressives were literally and figuratively mugged, raped, decapitated and killed on October 7, betrayed by Gaza spies welcomed into Jewish homes.  Arabs who help Israel and reject terror are lynched and their bodies desecrated as on October 7.  Who fomented pre-October 7 Israeli fratricide over judicial “reform,” and why?  Were the alphabet agencies of The Devil’s Chessboard at work?

The Gaza war proves yet again that “we” are not “them,” so social justice warriors, and Natan Sharansky’s “Un-Jews,” need to accept they are not exempt from violent global Antisemitism, the Hamas Covenant, PLO Charter, Mein Kampf, Hitler’s Willing Executioners, The War Against the Jews, and IBM and the Holocaust.  Mistakes will be made and innocents will die in any war, this one included.

There is no two-state solution and never was.  The 1948 Partition Plan was clear:  “Certain communities formerly belonging to the Turkish Empire have reached a stage of development where their existence as independent nations can be provisionally recognized subject to the rendering of administrative advice and assistance by a Mandatory until such time as they are able to stand alone.”  The future of Palestine was “to be settled by the parties concerned.”

The 1948 Partition Plan failed to create a Palestinian Arab “independent nation” to “stand alone” within the assigned Mandatory territory.  Israel’s Arab neighbors carved up the non-Israel parts for themselves, parking “Palestinian Arabs” in “refugee camps” that exist today. The 1967 and 1973 wars ended with Jordan and Egypt losing control of those Mandatory territories. Only then did Arabs clamor for those lost territories to be given to the newly formed “Palestinian Arab” PLO/PA.

Decades of terror attacks by Palestinian Arabs, war by another name, produced the 1993/1995 Oslo Accords.  While the PLO/PA was to have limited self-governance in Gaza and parts of the West Bank, and was to be Israel’s “partner” in permanent-status negotiations, Oslo provided that “neither Israel nor the PLO was deemed to have renounced or waived any of its existing rights, claims or positions.”  Self-delusion about having a “partner” produced Israel’s 2005 Gaza withdrawal.  Israel dismantled 21 Gaza settlements, evacuated the IDF, and gave the PLO/PA the chance to create a nation in Gaza unoccupied by Israel.

The Gaza Arabs elected Hamas, and the ensuing PLO-Hamas war ended with Gaza being a terrorist enclave, not an independent nation standing alone.  UNRWA “refugee camps” are in the West Bank (19); Gaza (8); Jordan (10); Syria (12); and Lebanon (12).  Those 61 UNRWA “Palestine refugee camps” made the “two-state” failure inevitable.

UNRWA and NGO money and institutions freed the PLO/PA and Hamas from the need to create self-governing institutions necessary for a “nation” to “stand alone.”  Hamas and the PLO/PA resurrected the same amoral savagery perfected by the Nazis to achieve the same “Final Solution” goal.  Instead of becoming the Singapore or Monte Carlo of the Eastern Mediterranean, Gaza became a tunnel haven for genocidal terrorists.

UNRWA’s “refugee camps” suggest the “solution” Israel must pursue to implement “Never Again.”  October 7 solved the “problem” the UN Partition Plan was intended to solve.  Because of October 7, Israel must govern all Mandatory territory until such time, if ever, that a “Palestinian Arab” nation can rule itself peacefully in any portion of that territory.  Israel must de-Nazify and de-militarize the Palestinian Arab institutions and people in the West Bank and Gaza.  Israel alone must provide for its own security and the security of the Palestinian Arabs.  The PLO/PA’s “limited self-governance” and “permanent-status negotiations” under Oslo are dead.  The only issues are whether refugee camps still make sense in Gaza and the West Bank, and who will fund and run their de-Nazification and security.

While few Jews remain in Muslim countries, and Islamo-Nazis can do their thing in Dublin, London and the US, Israel cannot abide Islamo-Nazis in its midst or on its borders.  The creation of Israel was to ensure a secure place to which world Jewry could escape after 1948 and even now.  Israel must eliminate those who repeatedly terrorize and kill Jews to create one Islamic Judenrein nation “from the River to the Sea.”  Israel must do that for the benefit of all of its Christian, Muslim, Jewish, straight, gay, Black, White, Brown and Yellow citizens.  Israel cannot self-immolate as too many European countries have done.  The unfortunate envy and resentment of Israel’s success by failed Third World nations, and some so-called First World countries, is palpable.

There can be no 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973, or 2023 do-overs.  While some righteous individuals, to whom we are eternally grateful, hid and extricated Jews in Christian Europe, no nation lifted a finger during 1933-1945 to stop the genocide.  FDR’s 1942 “M Project” explored post-war resettlement in sparsely populated Africa and South America of what the US believed would be relatively few surviving Jews. Truman terminated that project and three years later green-lighted Israel’s creation and the original, now-failed, “two-state solution.”  The world needs Israel to be the Jewish state to which Jews can flee when too many countries allow their resident Jews to be victimized in a replay of Europe’s pogroms and Holocaust.

Only the State of Israel, the IDF, and an armed and trained citizenry stand in the way of today’s pick-up truck and motorcycle cattle cars and selection lines.  In contrast, globalist “social credit” systems and the UN, and too many in the US and globally, embrace appeasement and antisemitism; the US Senate Democrats vetoed aid to Israel; and “International law” ceased to exist on October 7.

A post-war inquiry will reveal that Israelis are fallible, and Mossad, Shin Bet, the IDF, and Israeli politicians made mistakes.  Internal Israeli recriminations will ensue, as will Gaza reparations to Israel.  If Israelis and Diaspora Jews form a circular firing squad and victimize themselves with Bibi Derangement Syndrome and allow Hamas to live to fight another day, “Never Again” will have no meaning ever again.

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Stephen I. Siller is a Manhattan-based international lawyer, instrument-rated pilot, open-water scuba diver, and accomplished glassblower. His views are personal and not those of any firm or other organization with which he is affiliated.
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