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Buy Al-Arz Tahini for supporting the LGBTQ-community

Some very disturbing facebook-posts passed on my feed today. I had to un-friend an undisclosed number of facebook-contacts due to Al-Arz Tahini company supporting the Arab LGBTQ-community.

To whom it may concern.

I write this in rage. I come from the Galilee. My heart and soul is intertwinned with everyone in the north. It has always been my place. I’ve barely made it south of Tel Aviv, let alone eastwards if only twice in my life – and I did not go for praying in Jerusalem. I went to the Dead Sea, got drunk and was taken home.

But I can’t understand why the hell the Arab communities around Nazareth boycotts Al-Arz for supporting the Arab, their own LGBTQ-community? What in gods name is wrong with you? Or is it perhaps God that is the problem? Hashem, Allah or whatever. I understand that faith is part of your discourse – I’ve been asked by you many times why I don’t believe in god with huge skepticism. Haram.

And I’m going to cut straight to it – as long as you keep embarassing yourselves by boycotting an Arab company for supporting the Arab LGBTQ-community, I will support that Arab company to my last breath. Because you know what? I’m done with your ******* double-standards.

You keep your daughters at close watching distance, but you let your sons travel to Bulgaria or Istanbul so they can **** prostitutes and do coke and then pretend like nothing ever happened.

You perfect your hebrew and don’t answer in arabic when around other Israelis. But god forbid if you ever move to Herzliya, Netanya, Hadera or Tel Aviv. And I understand why you won’t move there. Because you boycott a company for supporting perhaps Israel’s most neglected community. The Arab LGBTQ-community. That’s why neighbours make silent protests. That’s why landlords say “Oh, I’m sorry but its already rented. I’ll call you back”. Deal with it.

You keep being holy by haramizing and aeb-ing everything. Haram. I honestly hate that word from my very spine. It gives me the chills. But then you do what the hell you want behind closed doors.

You say all girls must be virgins and that blood must flow during the first night after getting married. Well guess what – all your sons had sex with someone and ending a virginity doesn’t automatically produce blood.

I’m not in the mood for negotiating this in any way. You are facing an economic crisis, you have a rampant unemployment rate, you have Corona all over and you are shooting yourself in your foot and then nailing it to the floor – when this news reaches me I get discusted. Just like the rest of the modern, progressive and open world. We will close our doors. And none of you in this group of boycotters dare to speak out about it. I understand why, because your social hemisphere will blow away. You can bring shame upon your family name. You might get killed.

Now, if you want to progress, integrate in the Israeli society to its fullest extent and be recognized instead of rebuked – you need to wake up. It’s not enough to go out and vote in droves. It’s not enough to be nice. It’s not enough to do your job correct. You have to wake up. If you don’t, you will keep being 2nd class citizens along with the Haredim but without social benefits. I’m sorry but that is the way it is.

And yes I know Israel has treated you unfairly. I still see it today. But sometimes YOU need to take the initiative yourself – or YOU will be stuck in old chains and lockers.

Speaking about lockers, why are there not a single gay person in Kfar Manda, Kfar Kanna, Nazareth, Ara and so on? Because you make it impossible for your sons and daughters to live the life they want to live. Instead of being happy about your kids achievements you send them away, or simply force them to be quiet. Or in two cases I know of, murdered. And you get away with it, because its not like the police cares in your villages. If they are there.

And don’t come dragging with “not everyone” or “look at the jews they are the same the orthodox” or “look at the catholics they do like this”. Yes – it’s not everyone, and yes jews and christians in different directions treats their LGBTQ-community just as bad in some cases. But it becomes so obvious when you, the entire community boycotts Al-Arz to such extent that jews and americans now support them – making it viral. That’s when I’m ashamed of you. Take a good look at yourselves, revise yourselves and do better.

I will donate half my salary to Al-Arz by buying their products. Bye.

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Jonas is a fierce critiqeuer of everything unjust. He is well-educated, well-travelled and believes firmly in pragmatism and progressiveness rather than religion and outdated conservatism. He dares to challenge anyone or anything and is super-tired of racial slurs and internet trolls. Jonas is a painting in progress.
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