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Campus Protests: Time to Pay the Piper

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Admittedly, things are looking very bad, from the horrible pro-Hamas terrorist protests trying to shut down our cities and campuses to tens of thousands of people in Sweden protesting against champion Israeli singer Eden Golan at Eurovision, and of course, the 129 Israeli hostages still held by Hamas. Moreover, the International Criminal Court is threatening Israeli leaders with arrest warrants, the UN General Assembly voted to back Palestinian membership, and in general, young people have been brainwashed by the alt-left and radical Islamist propaganda machine.

Right now, hate-filled anarchists, Marxists, and radicals are foaming and frothing at the mouth, very sure of themselves, and giving phony press conferences, posting “legal observers,” and surrounding and terrorizing innocent people, while the authorities and law enforcement seem to do little to nothing.

Protesters Filled With Racism, Hate, and Violence

Daily, we see these crazed protesters manically yelling and screaming their brainless, mind-numbing hate speech from cue cards and iPhones. They make false accusations of starvation and genocide and deny the Holocaust and October 7. They swarm, impede, and attack their victims. They take over and destroy property, graffiti our stores and sacred monuments, and rip and burn our noble flags. They chant Palestinian words they don’t understand and prostrate themselves on the ground to Allah, whom they do not know. They disrespect, name-call, spit on, and defy our elected politicians and law enforcement. They repeatedly call for death to Zionists (i.e., Jews) and the destruction of America and the State of Israel.

And for the most part, they seem to be getting away with it!

It Looks Like the Protesters Are Winning

  • We see university “leaders” afraid to call the police, evict the rioters, condemn the hate speech and violence, and suspend and terminate these students and faculty.
  • We see security “guards” standing idly by even as people are getting blocked, surrounded, harassed, and hit with various objects, beaten unconscious, threatened with knives, and even a taser!
  • We see school negotiators reward “bad behavior” and give in to consider racist demands for divestment of companies that do business with Israel, to provide full scholarships for several Gaza students, and to commit to building new Muslim centers on campus.
  • We see the media whitewashing the disgusting racism, hate speech, and violence by the pro-Hamas protesters and instead misappropriating it as free speech and Islamophobia.
  • We see our president, afraid of losing votes in the upcoming election, giving in to the hate-filled protesters by stopping necessary arms shipments to Israel, which is fighting an existential war against adversaries all around them.

But They Will Lose!

Let’s be clear: these protesters are going to lose 100%.

Here are ten reasons why Israel will win against all these anti-Semites (who only make a very bad pretense of taking the moral high ground).

  1. The majority of young Americans (i.e., the normal ones) don’t agree with the protester’s priorities or sentiments.
  2. The majority of Americans agree with Israel’s right to defend itself and that they have valid reasons for fighting Hamas. Moreover, the overwhelming majority (80%) support our strategic ally and friend, Israel.
  3. Evangelical Christians (approximately 25% of America) have a firm religious belief in and “fierce support” and friendship for Israel.
  4. According to Forbes, already 33% of hiring managers are less likely to hire those from the Ivy League than five years ago.
  5. Pro-Hamas terrorist protesters are alienating and infuriating everyday Americans with their vile and criminal disruptions to traffic, business, holidays, and societal functioning, as well as by their racism, violence, and alignment and support with terror: Hamas, Houthis, and Iran.
  6. Despite decades of war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the United States has not forgotten the devastating terror attack of 9/11 and the ongoing radical Islamist hatred for America from terror groups such as Al Qaeda, ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, and the #1 state-sponsor of terrorism, Iran.
  7. Israel is stronger than ever. They are the 4th strongest military in the entire world, are technologically advanced, and are an acknowledged nuclear power—that should serve as the ultimate deterrent. Israel is the 5th most educated country as well as highly capable, with a large percentage of its citizens training and serving for years in the IDF and as reservists. Israel is also known as the “State Up Nation” and is ranked the 7th most innovative nation in the world. And despite the war with Hamas, Israel is still the 5th happiest country!
  8. There are close to 10 million Israelis made up of Jews, Arabs, Christians, and Druze, including 700,000 in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, and they are not going anywhere!
  9. Despite broad sympathy for the regular Palestinians to eventually have some sort of “state” (i.e., it will have to be demilitarized), diplomatically, Israel continues to build relations with its neighbors and has achieved peace treaties with Egypt (1979) and Jordan (1994), normalized relations via the Abraham Accords with the UAE, Bahrain, Morocco, and Sudan (2020), and now there is even an incredible opportunity for a treaty with Saudi Arabia.
  10. Remember, as the Bible says regarding their efforts to exterminate us (Genesis 12:3):

“I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you, I will curse.”

So, for all the decent people out there, have no fear; G-d is here, and very soon will come the redemption, the ultimate triumph of good over evil, and His manifestation to all.

Soon, It Is the “Protesters” Who Will Be Paying the Piper

In my opinion, here is what is going to happen in the not-so-distant future.

  1. Our institutions and law enforcement will identify who these bad actors are through surveillance, infiltration, facial recognition, and geolocation (just like on January 6).
  2. The justice system is going to catch up with them (and some will do jail time) for their numerous violations of the law, including hate speech, incitement to violence, trespassing, civil rights violations, property damage, loitering, unlawful assembly, unlawful detainment, enabling terrorism, and so much more. Remember, they are defacing our monuments, burning our flag, and chanting death to America!
  3. They are going to be deplatformed, debanked, unemployable, put on the Terrorism Watchlist and No Fly List, and shamed in their families, communities, and society.
  4. They will likely have mental illness, trauma, and lifelong PTSD from engaging in this extremist behavior and being manipulated and exploited by trained terrorists.
  5. Those who are on any sort of immigration or visa status will be deported.
  6. As far as the institutions and organizations that supported this or conveniently looked the other way, there is going to be a massive wave of lawsuits, both individual and class action, and this will tie up these groups legally, financially, operationally, and reputationally for a long time to come.
  7. As far as the “non-profits” that tried to skirt the law and facilitated the funding of these terror groups on U.S. soil and the commission of crimes in our country, the IRS and Financial Crimes Network will have something to say to them.
  8. The social media platforms that allowed them to organize their terror and crimes, and broadcast their hate speech will be regulated, likely fined, and also tied up in expensive litigation.
  9. The banks and financial intermediaries that helped launder and move the money for these groups will be investigated and likely fined, and their operations will be curtailed accordingly going forward.
  10. All the corrupt “educators,” “administrators,” progressives (i.e., “The Squad”), pundits, personalities, and entertainers who vehemently attacked the victims and tried in vein to legitimize the Hamas terrorists will not only be shamed and out of a job but will be the laughing stock of the town.

Every one of these bad actors has had their fun and lived out their fantasy of independence and “saving the world” (not!) and now it is time when they will pay the piper for their knowing misdeeds. The parents, institutions, “professors,” and our politicians need to wake up now, restore truth and order, and salvage what is left of the shattered credibility and lives of these unfortunate and misguided souls. 

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