Campus, the American Jewish War

What do the Syrian peace talks and the conference to counter anti-Semitism on college campuses have in common? They are both pointless, ineffective, and benefit only the establishment figures who make a living off of them. They can claim success all they want, but anti-Semitism is reaching all-time highs on American campuses. Pro-Israel speakers from both the left and the right wing are shouted down, and pro- Israel advocates are bullied and intimidated into silence. Here is my advice on how I think the situation should be handled. The establishment will hate me, but they are about as effective as the U.N. in Syria.

Jews need to get more militant. One issue now is that you are responding to fire and emotions with facts and Zionist talking points. You are being threatened and intimidated, and your only defense is that we have hi-tech, women in the army (great now both sexes are war criminals!) and Haneen Zoabi, a fervent Anti-Zionist Arab in the Knesset (you really showed them!). For obvious reasons none of these techniques work. On college campuses, you are not dealing with nice people who want a civil conversation. No, you are dealing with radical leftists who have joined forces with radical Muslims. The only way to beat them is to fight fire with fire. You must intimidate them the same way they intimidate you.

Walking around campus with a Palestinians flag should be just as uncomfortable (or 10 times worse) than walking around with an Israeli flag. Some of these universities have 20% Jewish students and they are complaining about being intimidated. Imagine I started a racist club against black people in a university that was 5% black, what would happen to me? Do you think the black people would cry about it or take care of it? We all know the answer to that question. University is the one place Jews have numbers, there is no reason to be scared. I saw a video with a Jewish fraternity leader complaining about anti-Semitism. How is this possible? You have a whole fraternity, go fight back, literally with your hands if you need to! If Jews are not willing to be more militant and confrontational the situation will get even worse. If you think it’s bad now it will be even worse for your grand kids. I understand you don’t go to college to fight, but sometimes this is the only answer. My commander in the army once told me while we were staring into Gaza that when you don’t solve a problem it doesn’t go away, it only gets worse. The same is the situation on the campuses. When Jews getting kicked around with no real push-back becomes a reality, it never has a happy ending, not for the Jews at least. That leads to my second solution: Aliya.

If the situation is truly as bad as you say it is then you should make Aliya. I am not saying this as a Zionist I am saying this as a pragmatist.

If Jews can’t even go to a college or university without being harassed that is G-Ds way of telling you to leave. If this continues how long will it be until you face similar issues to Jews in Europe, after all one day these campus bullies will be political and intellectual leaders. Come to Israel join the army, fight and then go to one of Israel’s universities. The army will make you a more proud and self-confident person and it will make your education that much more meaningful.

If the army and Aliya isn’t for you, you can also just get a student visa and come here to learn. In Israel you can get a very good education and the more Americans come, the higher demand there will be for international programs. Tuition here is also way cheaper, so besides the other positives in coming here you won’t have to spend the rest of your lives in debt. Coming to Israel for university would be a great learning experience. You would learn a new language and culture, as well and strengthen your connection to the land, and the Israelis would connected to their fellow Jews abroad.

If you aren’t satisfied with my first two solutions then the only option left is to stop complaining. I know this is very insensitive, but I guess I’m just that type of guy. Whatever you have been doing until now has obviously not worked, so you have nobody to blame but yourselves. Anyway, in Israel we have wars to fight, so while it does upset me that you have these issues, it is far from my first concern. In my mind if you are not willing to fight hard and aggressively against these people, then you obviously aren’t so concerned after all. Jewish history is ripe with examples of what happens when Jews don’t defend themselves or get out in time. So either do this or stop complaining and keep your head down. Keep the Israeli flags off campus. None of these solutions make you feel fuzzy inside but it is what it is.

About the Author
Eliezer is an oleh from Queens New York. He served as a combat soldier in the Israeli Army, and is currently a student at Bar Ilan University.
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